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Update on Pacific 2020 Refresh

Office of the ProvostSep 26, 2016

Last week, President Eibeck issued a memo describing the refresh of the University's Strategic Plan, Pacific 2020, the five priorities that will be discussed, the teams that will lead those discussions, and an overview of the refresh schedule. As previously reported, the "refresh" of Pacific 2020, referred to as Pacific 2025, began in June at a University Leadership Retreat attended by members of the Strategic Planning Committee, the Academic Council (AC) Executive Board, Staff Advisory Council (SAC) chair, Deans, Associate Vice-Presidents, the President's Cabinet, Provost and President.

The refresh of the strategic plan is integral to Pacific's vision of becoming a leading university in California. Planning is underway now to review long-term goals and identify opportunities where Pacific can emerge well positioned for success.

Five potential priorities emerged from the leadership retreat. The Board of Regents confirmed these Priorities at its August Strategic Planning Retreat. They are: Thriving Students; An Integrated 21st Century Liberal Arts Experience; Leading Health Care Education; Growth and Financial Sustainability; and People, Culture and Infrastructure.

The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) is the main body responsible for developing Pacific 2025 under the leadership of the Provost and in partnership with Strategic Priority Teams (SPT), which will be used to develop each of the Priorities. The leadership and membership of the SPTs appear below. Each of these teams has a core group of SPC members and leaders from the President's Cabinet, and will consult with others who can inform Priority development and shape potential Initiatives. Each SPT will consider how to accomplish the overarching objective of the Priority for which they are assigned.

Broad consultation will be accomplished through shared governance groups (AC, Institutional Priorities Committee), ASuop, SAC, the President's Advisory Council and open conversations on each campus. Opportunities for feedback will also be available through a Pacific 2025 mailbox on Pacific's website and additional resources will be available through a SharePoint site. The Board of Regent's Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Committee will be consulted throughout the planning process.

Planning Timeline Highlights

  • September - November: SPTs meet individually to refine objectives and identify 3-5 initiatives, prioritize initiatives, develop timelines, and estimate costs
  • October - November: Shared governance committees update and feedback (SPC, IPC, AC, ASuop, SAC) and open campus conversations for feedback
  • December: SPC to draft Pacific 2025

Strategic Planning Teams
Team 1: Thriving Students
Patrick Day (VP) Chair
Linda Skrla (Faculty, SPC) Vice Chair

Art Sprecher (VP/CIO)
Joanna Lu (Student, SPC)
Lydia Fox (Faculty, SPC)
Rod Githens (Asst. Dean, BSE)
Steve Howell (Dean)
Tom Vecchione (SPC)

Team 2: 21st Century Liberal Arts Experience
Rena Fraden (Dean) Chair
Steve Jacobsen (AVP, SPC) Vice Chair

Balint Sztaray (Faculty, SPC)
Cyd Jenefsky (Vice Prov, SPC)
Dylan Zorea (NTT Faculty)
Mary Somerville (Dean)
Vanessa Sheared (Dean)

Team 3: Leading Health Care Education
Nader Nadershahi (Dean) Chair
Ray Rennard (Faculty, SPC) Vice Chair

Bob Hanyak (Faculty)
Cindy Lyon (Faculty, SPC)
Emily Parento (Faculty)
Ken Mullen (VP)
Phil Oppenheimer (Dean)
Scott Jensen (Faculty)
Stacy McAfee (AVP Ext. Rel.)

Team 4: Growth and Financial Sustainability
Ken Mullen (VP) Chair
Mike Rogers (Dir. Inst. Res., SPC) Vice Chair

Bill Johnson (AVP Develop.)
Carrie Darnall (Asst. Prov. Res. Mgmt.)
J. Michael Thompson (V Prov. EM)
John Sims (Faculty, SPC)
Lewis Gale (Dean)
Mike Dalgety (Sr. Assoc. Dir. Athletics)

Team 5: People, Culture, and Infrastructure
Burnie Atterbury (VP) Chair
Dan Wadhwani (Faculty, SPC) Vice Chair

Berit Gundersen (V Prov Faculty Aff.)
Dan Ebbers (Dean)
Greg Walters (AVP HR)
Marge Grey (AVP Mkt/Comm)
Rhonda Bryant (Dean Students)
Ron Ellison (AVP B&F)
Shelby Slaugenhaupt (SAC Chair)
Clark Kelso (Assoc. Dean, LAW)
Kara Bell (Asst. Dean, DEN)

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