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Staff Compensation Study

Here are the resources, updates and past communications for the Staff Compensation Study. We encourage you to send your questions, comments or suggestions to

*If you are interested in reviewing University of the Pacific's position descriptions, click here for a quick guide on how to locate a position description.

Staff Compensation Study Timelines

The University has selected Sibson Consulting to work with us through the compensation study.  The task force is meeting regularly and is participating in almost every step of the process.

Timelines and Outcomes include:

Phase 3:  Salary Structure - Complete by October 31

  • Review market pricing with task force and senior leadership
  • Develop new salary structure
  • Assign benchmark jobs to salary structure
  • Match non-benchmark jobs to benchmark jobs
  • Vet the job placement of those jobs

Phase 4: Administrative Guidelines and Implementation Roadmap - Complete by February 28

  • Develop administrative guidelines and pay practices
  • Gain Board approval
  • Develop implementation roadmap
  • Finalize implementation and communication  

This project is just the beginning of developing a longer-term plan for compensation changes, practices and systems.   

Phase 5: Compensation Implementation

We encourage you to send your questions, comments or suggestions to


  • Develop one compensation system for non-union staff throughout the University consistent with our "one University" approach and the staff climate survey results which asked for streamlined administrative systems.
  • Develop a compensation philosophy
  • Conduct a market study for wages and benefits
  • Refine the salary table
  • Develop fair, understandable and consistently applied pay practices which also comply with applicable laws
  • Develop a University-wide strategic total compensation plan