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    Jerred Thompson


    Jerred Thompson Associate Director of Operations, Data, and Analysis

    BA Sociology, Chico State
    MA Educational Administration & Leadership, University of the Pacific

    What is your favorite place to go to in Stockton? 
    Papavalo's Bistro and Bar is a great date night restaurant with a lively but conversational atmosphere.  The restaurant serves Greek food and has the best hummus I have ever eaten.  

    What is your favorite thing to do on campus? 
    There is a deck on the back of the DUC that overlooks the Calaveras River.  For most of the day (outside of lunchtime), it is a relatively quiet and meditative spot.  It is a great place to re-center yourself on a hectic day.

    What is your favorite movie and why?
    About Time, is a movie about a young man that learns that he can move back and forward on the timeline of his life and change things.  It is a movie that really inspires me when thinking about the lessons of my life.

    Geographic Focus:

    California Counties

    • Butte
    • Shasta
    • Tehama