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    Keith Sanpei


    Keith Sanpei Senior Assistant Director of Admission

    BS Business Administration, University of the Pacific

    What is your favorite thing to do on campus? 
    Watch the Tigers play a game!  Not just the "big" sports either.  Watching Waterpolo or Softball are great watches.  Great atmosphere with not a bad seat in the house.  

    What is your favorite place to go to in Stockton?
    I don't go as often as I should, but catching a concert at the Bob Hope Theater is amazing.  It's such a beautiful space that not enough people see. 
    What is your favorite movie and why? 
    Blazing Saddles.  There are so many things in that movie that would NEVER pass the censors today.  Mel Brooks didn't care though, he knew it was making the movie better and what did he get in the end?  A classic.  Everyone knows a line from that movie. 

    Geographic Focus:


    • Hawaii

    International Regions & Countries

    • Europe
    • Asia (except China and Korea)
    • Africa
    • Middle East
    • South Pacific
    • Caribbean
    • Canada

    Program Focus:

    • NCAA Athletes