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Credentialing FAQ's

Why are two sets of fingerprints (live scan) required?
The volunteer live scan is reported directly to the credential office and is required for our office to be in compliance with the CA Department of Justice regulations. The CASM live scan is to establish your professional record with the CA Teacher Credentialing Commission

If I have a CA valid emergency 30-day sub permit or a CA Site Supervisor Permit, can I submit a copy of that in place of the Certificate of Clearance?
Yes, if you already hold a valid CA permit issued by the CA Credentialing commission, it may be submitted in place of the Certificate of Clearance and you will not have to complete the CASM fingerprints.

I read that basic skills and subject matter requirements must be met to earn a CA credential. What does this mean?
The basic skills requirement can be met either by passing the CBEST or CSET Writing Skills in combination with the CSET Multiple Subjects subtest I, II, & III exams it is required of anyone who is pursuing a teaching credential. California Education Code Sections 44252 and 44252.6 specify that candidates must demonstrate, in English, proficiency in basic reading, writing, and mathematics skills.  Please check with the credential analyst for specifics regarding alternative tests to meet the basic skills requirement. The subject matter requirement must be met by anyone pursuing a Multiple Subject, Single Subject Teaching or Preliminary Education Specialist Credential. This means that you have to prove to the state that you know the subject area that you will be teaching. Subject matter requirements are met:

  • Multiple Subject (MS) Candidates & Education Specialist Credential by passing the three sections of the CSET Multi-Subject test
  • Single Subject (SS) Candidates by passing the CSET in specific subject matter

Where can I find information on the different tests?
Information can be found on the CTC Exams website.

How will I know if I have satisfied the US Constitution requirement?
The credential analyst will review transcripts to see if the requirement has been met. If you earned your bachelor's degree at a California State University (CSU) you automatically meet the requirement.  This requirement can be met by passing the online test offered by Notre Dame de Namur University found at the U.S. Constitution Exam website.

Is the credential I earn No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and CLAD compliant?
Yes, since 2004 the credential earned, whether MS, SS or Ed Specialist is an SB 2042 which is NCLB compliant through passage of the CSET and has English Learner authorization embedded in the program.

Can I take an online CPR course?
No, the CPR course must be an in seat course which covers Infant, Child & Adult CPR (also known as Pediatric & Adult).

When registering for classes what does MS or SS stand for in the class listing?
            MS = Multiple Subject
            SS = Single Subject
*When registering for classes please enroll in the section appropriate to the credential you are pursuing

What are the requirements for fieldwork, student teaching or interning?
You can learn about field work and the requirements on our Student Teaching and Interning page.

Is there a fee to open a credential file?
Yes.  A fee of $30 is required and payable by exact cash or check.

What is the process for applying for a preliminary credential?
To check out the requirements for each credential please click on the appropriate link  

Teaching Credentials
Service Credentials

Looking for forms or additional resources? Check out our Forms + Resources page
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