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Wellness news: August is Child Health and Safety Month

Jul 28, 2016

You can play an important role in helping your children develop healthy habits while they're young.

Healthy Eating — Encourage a lifetime of healthy food choices: Serve healthy, well-balanced meals.

Encourage your kids to play with their food. They can learn healthy habits when they play the Amazing Food Detective game. Make trips to your local farmers market a family outing.

Lots of Activity — Plenty of Rest:

Give 'em the runaround. Encourage your kids to play hard for at least 60 minutes on most days of the week. Learn about fitness and get ideas for keeping your kids active and fit. Set limits on screen time and get ideas for alternative activities. Help your child get enough sleep by setting a regular bedtime.

Keep Bodies Healthy — Do your best to dodge germs. 

Hand washing is a simple, effective way to avoid spreading germs. Vision affects your child's behavior, performance in school and more. Be sure to know the tips for spotting eye problems. At an early age, begin discussions with your kids about avoiding tobacco and alcohol, inhalants and other drugs. Keep your kids away from smoke. Cigarette smoke increases your child's risk of asthma, colds, pneumonia, ear infections and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Stay up-to-date with recommended tests and immunizations. Get in the habit of regular checkups.

You can find more information regarding keeping your child healthy and safe here.

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