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Pacific in the Press | July 19, 2016

Jul 19, 2016

Quote of the week
Here are examples of how University of the Pacific priorities were represented in the media in recent days:

Building our academic reputation by showcasing faculty expertise:

Preparing students for success:

 Serving our three cities:


Building our reputation through academics:
TIME Magazine
A brief history of real ghostbuster
As the new Ghostbusters movie arrives in U.S. theaters, TIME looks to historians to explain early strategies people used to banish the supposed phenomena. In his book "Beans: A History," Ken Albala, professor of history, noted that some adherents of ancient Roman religions banished ghosts by tossing beans over their shoulders. "... the father of the household goes out barefoot at midnight and tosses beans over his shoulder saying nine times 'shades of my ancestors, depart' while banging on pots," Albala wrote. "The beans and the souls they contain are meant to substitute for the family members whom the ghosts might snatch, or the ghosts consume the spirits contained in the beans and are sated."
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Los Angeles Times
Now on Starbucks' menu: Less health coverage
Starbucks announced Monday that it will give its U.S. workers a raise that will boost compensation by 5% to 15%. "This is great for Starbucks' healthier workers and for shareholders," said Peter Hilsenrath, a healthcare economist at University of the Pacific. "But sicker workers likely will have to pay more."
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Journal of Blacks in Higher Education
Vanessa Sheared Appointed Dean of Education at the University of the Pacific
Vanessa Sheared is the new dean of the Gladys L. Benerd School of Education. She joins Pacific from Sac State, where she was dean of the College of Education.
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All Analytics
Analytics and the Making of a President
Rick Hutley, founding director of the analytics master's program at University of the Pacific, put his master's program candidates to work researching how analytics are changing the way politicians campaign. At 11 am Pacific time on July 21, he will talk on All Analytics Radio about what he has learned. To register, click on the link below.
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Sacramento Bee
Amazon bringing 1,000 warehouse jobs to Sacramento
Jeff Michael, director of the Center for Business and Policy Research,
said Amazon's announcement is a definite boost for the region. "There aren't that many projects that generate those kinds of job numbers," he said. "That's a big deal." The story also ran in the Modesto Bee.
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Capital Public Radio
Law Prof: Sacramento County Sheriff Not Prohibited From Releasing Investigation Information
A Sacramento Sheriff's Department statement says it is "prohibited from releasing the report-or any crime report or video- under government code section 6254 (f)(3)." But McGeorge School of Law Professor Mike Vitiello says the department is choosing not to release information.
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Prescriber Education Is the Key to Stemming Prescription Opioid Abuse
The education of primary care providers and patients at the starting point of opioid therapy, as well as of surgeons and other prescribers, is crucial to curbing the current global opioid abuse epidemic, according to Adam M. Kaye, a professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice at the University of the Pacific Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.
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Preparing students for success

The Record
A classroom in Kampala
Columnist Mike Fitzgerald writes about a School of International Studies collaboration with Uganda's Bureau of Statistics, which provides summer internship opportunities for Pacific students. Director Bill Herrin, professor of economics, accompanied the interns on the trip. Herrin said many Ugandan institutions are young or nonexistent, which explains why many homes and buildings sport signs reading, "This property is not for sale." "Strange at first blush," Herrin said. "But when you realize there are no such things as title companies, escrow accounts, etc., you realize that some thug can come across a house that's vacant and sell it without the true owner's knowledge."
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Serving our three cities

Sacramento Bee
Mayor launches campaign to apply for Oak Park grant
President Pamela Eibeck announced that University of the Pacific will provide two scholarships benefiting Sacramento's Oak Park neighborhood, home of the Sacramento Campus. She made the announcement at an event to kick off Mayor Kevin Johnson's campaign to win a federal Promise Neighborhood grant for the community. Pacific is a partner in the effort. The news also aired on Capital Public Radio.
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Central Valley Business Journal
Eibeck joins Greater Sacramento board
President Pamela Eibeck has been named to the board of directors for the Greater Sacramento Area Economic Council. The organization is a collaboration among local and state governments, market leaders, influencers and stakeholders who work to drive economic growth. Its board is made up of 34 private sector CEOs and 19 communities. "University of the Pacific is strongly committed to the communities it serves, and the mission of Greater Sacramento is closely aligned with our own values," she said.
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