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Building a Global Learning Community - Next Steps

Office of the ProvostJul 19, 2016

Since adopting the Strategic Enrollment Plan in May and signing an agreement with Shorelight Education, Pacific has continued to make progress on its goal to create a more global, diverse learning community. By working with Shorelight, the university will be able to more effectively recruit and prepare international students to be successful students and future alumni.  

Intentional Diversity
Recruiting and preparing international students is one of Pacific's intentional efforts to broaden diversity in support of the Institutional Priority to improve student success. Pacific's strategic plan, Pacific 2020, and the Strategic Enrollment Plan both recognize the value to Pacific students of living and studying side by side with classmates from other cultures, languages and geographic regions. Such experiences allow students to develop important cultural skills and gain a more global perspective, advantages that will serve them throughout their lives and careers.

Establishment of International Accelerator Program 
This summer, Pacific is working with Shorelight to set the foundation for Pacific's International Accelerator Program (IAP), which is the 6- to 18-month program designed to provide academic success programming, English language instruction and acculturation for prospective international students before they matriculate into university degree programs. Pacific's IAP will serve undergraduate students on the Stockton Campus and graduate students on the Sacramento Campus. 

Appointment of Governance Members and Interim Academic Chair 
This fall, Pacific will welcome its first Shorelight-recruited direct-admission students. To prepare for this, Provost Pallavicini has appointed membership to a governance structure that includes an administrative Steering Committee and several subject-matter Subcommittees. These subcommittees will make all substantive tactical decisions for the recruitment, support and academic integration of all Shorelight students, either directly admitted to the University or as prospective students in the IAP. 

Provost Pallavicini also appointed Dr. Suzanne Walchli, Associate Professor of Marketing at the Eberhardt School of Business, as the Interim International Academic Chair, effective July 1. In this role, Dr. Walchli is responsible for working with Pacific faculty, administrators and academic support staff to develop and deliver academic programming that meets Pacific's goals and objectives, to ensure the quality of this programming, and to ensure the integration and success of IAP students. She will work closely with Shorelight's IAP Managing Director to provide oversight of all academic matters for these programs. Dr. Walchli also is charged with ensuring the Pacific community is kept up to date on all Shorelight-related matters, including implementation progress and ongoing IAP program assessment through a soon-to-be-created Sharepoint site.  This is a 12-month appointment; the nomination process for the 2017 appointment will open in late fall.

Each of the following Committee and Subcommittees have equal membership from Shorelight and Pacific to ensure that Shorelight is able to bring its depth of experience in these areas while Pacific remains able to shape the academics, students services and enrollment guidelines to our own cultures and environment. (Shown are the appointed members from Pacific.) The Steering Committee and Subcommittees will regularly engage with University stakeholder groups (faculty and staff) to identify and discuss best practices for implementation by Pacific and Shorelight. 

Steering Committee

  • (Co-Chair) J. Michael Thompson, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
  • Ron Ellison, Associate Vice President for Business and Finance
  • Jared Gaynor, Chief of Staff to the Provost 

Marketing and Enrollment Services Subcommittee

  • (Co-Chair) Marge Grey, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications
  • Elisa Orosco-Anders, Director of Summer Session and Executive Coordinator for Special Projects, Enrollment Management
  • Jerred Thompson, Assistant Director of Operations, Enrollment Management

Student Services, Operations and Infrastructure Subcommittee

  • (Co-Chair) Graeme Mitchell, Associate Vice President for Facilities
  • Rhonda Bryant, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students
  • Torry Brouillard-Bruce, Executive Director of Residential Life and Dining
  • Ryan Griffith, Director of International Programs and Services

Academic and Quality Assurance Subcommittee

  • (Co-Chair) Suzanne Walchli, Associate Professor and Interim International Academic Chair
  • Linda Buckley, Associate Vice President for Planning
  • Lisa Erck, Interim Registrar 

Click here to see the original charge memo (PacificNet login required).

Next Steps
Pacific anticipates directly admitting for Fall 2016 up to 50 international students recruited by Shorelight from a variety of geographic regions. These highly qualified students meet all direct admission requirements, are more highly qualified in English language preparation than directly admitted students from past recruiting efforts, and are well prepared to be successful Pacific students. They will take classes, reside on campus, and participate in student life just the same as our other students. As Shorelight-recruited students, however, they will have access to some of the student success and acculturation programming that IAP students will be provided.

Pacific anticipates starting its first prospective undergraduate students in the IAP in Spring 2017, and the first prospective IAP graduate students in Fall 2017. IAP students will be integrated into existing student housing during the 6- to 18-month programs, further preparing them for matriculation into university degree programs.

For more information on Pacific's partnership with Shorelight, click here (PacificNet login required), and look for more SEP updates coming this fall.

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