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Leili Javadpour, PhD

Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems


Phone: 209.946.2625

Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
9:00am - 9:30am
Monday and Wednesday
12:30pm - 2:00pm
and by appointment

Weber Hall Suite 207-D


Louisiana State University, Ph.D.

University of Liverpool, M.S.

Isfahan University of Technology, B.S.

Curriculum Vitae 

Leili Javadpour earned her Ph.D. in Engineering Science from Louisiana State University in 2013. She holds an M.S. in Product Design and Management from University of Liverpool and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology.

Before joining Pacific she worked as a Software Architect and Data Analytic for the Department of Health & Hospitals and Center for Business and Information Technology (CBIT) at University of Louisiana Lafayette where she also taught professionals on the topic of Big Data. In addition to teaching and research she has chaired tracks and sessions at IISE and FLAIRS conferences. Her main area of research is Natural Language Processing and Data Analytics.


Management Information Systems
Database Management Systems 
Electronic Commerce Project 
Computer Applications in Engineering 
Numeric Methods for Engineering (M.S.)

Introduction to Computers
Information Systems Engineering



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  • Javadpour, L., Khazaeli, M., and Knapp, G.M., (2016). Machine Learning Approach for Pronominal Anaphora Resolution Based on Linguistic and Computational Features. International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Machine Learning, 5:1, 81-98
  • Calix, R. A., Javadpour, L., & Knapp, G. M. (2012). Detection of affective states from text and speech for real-time human-computer interaction. Human factors, 54(4), 530-545.


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