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Program Review

What is Program Review?

As part of its commitment to academic excellence, and as described in the University Academic Policies and Procedures, Pacific supports an ongoing process of program review and improvement. Every academic unit participates in annual assessment of student learning and a periodic comprehensive self-study, with a review by external peers. Academic programs will go through the program review process about every 7 years.

The purpose of a program review is to:

  • provide a regular opportunity for programs to engage in systematic self-examination in order to improve student learning and enhance the overall quality of the program
  • report program performance with respect to program goals, university-wide priorities, and any applicable external accreditation standards
  • develop a concrete and actionable plan for continuous improvement of the program
  • ensure that the program has a strategic plan in place to respond to environmental changes and advance the University's strategic and academic goals
  • identify trends across program units, and inform evidence-based planning and decision-making at multiple levels (program, school/college, and University)

The components of a program review include:

  • A Self-Study developed by the academic unit
  • An External Review performed by a team of objective and informed peers
  • An Action Plan formulated by the academic unit in collaboration with the Dean and Provost

For more information about each component in the review process, click on the links below.

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