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Pre-employment testing and credit checks cease

Jun 7, 2016

The Human Resources Department has been looking at ways in which we can help improve efficiency, speed up the hiring process and save some money. 

Effective immediately, University of the Pacific will stop all pre-employment physicals, drug screenings and credit checks for new staff hires and transfer hires. We will continue pre-employment criminal background checks.

Pre-employment physicals and drug screenings have been a part of the pre-employment screening criteria for hiring a staff member for the past 20 years. However, with the intense focus on disability issues and non-discrimination, the concept of basing an employment decision on a pre-employment physical has weakened. Also, pre-employment drug screening is not a good predictor of performance success or drug problems later in employment. Credit checks were initiated as part of the background screening process 10 years ago. Credit checks are also not a reliable predictor of poor performance.

Good supervision is key. Oversight and watching for signs of impairment or diminishing performance help those with drug or alcohol problems get help and work safely. Also, careful auditing for those working with our finances, data and other resources will catch issues before they arise. 

We plan to retain reasonable suspicion testing, and the Teamsters contract allows testing of the union members at any time during employment. Also, Public Safety will continue to follow their same guidelines in accordance with Stockton Police Department criteria for employment. This new practice does not release University of the Pacific employees from our requirements to maintain a drug-free workplace under the Drug Free Workplace Act.

Should you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at 209.946.2124.

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