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Doctor of Physical Therapy Graduates’ Future Plans

May 16, 2016

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The graduates from the doctor of physical therapy Class of 2015 have accepted job offers all across the United States. As Commencement approaches we asked them to take a moment and reflect on their time at Pacific and their path ahead.

Vincent Villalon headshotVincent Morelos Villalon '15, DPT is currently working as a physical therapist at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He has found Cedars Sinai Medical Center to be a rewarding and challenging environment where he is continually learning about acute care. He explains, "Cedars Sinai hospital is a teaching hospital where each staff rotates to new areas [...] that way all of the therapists' minds are continuously engaged."

Professor who had a profound impact: "Dr. Kylie Rowe is such an expert of pain management and each session was a wonderful learning experience. All four of us in the class were able to learn more in-depth of how persistent pain works in our system and how we are able to treat patients with persistent pain."
Professional goals: "To be a mentor to future students and to learn from students as physical therapy is a profession of consistently learning new information. In addition, to becoming a cardiovascular and pulmonary clinical specialist."

Favorite Pacific memory: "We are all one family and help each other learn as a whole. Being in labs, learning new treatments that we can provide to our patients, and having class sessions outdoors. Finally, spending quality time with my friends as they are my family."
Dinah ComptonDinah Compton '15, DPT is currently working for PT Solutions, an inpatient rehabilitation facility in Destin, Florida.

Professor who had a profound impact: "Every professor had an impact on me. Everyone cared so much about our future and continue to be our strongest supporters as we move forward in our career field."

Professional goals: "Getting my Neurologic Specialist Certification and helping patients return to their prior level of function."

Favorite Pacific memory: "I had the opportunity to volunteer my time treating a spinal cord injury patient and discovered how much of what we do as professionals positively influences people's lives."
Katherine SamstagKatherine Samstag '15, DPT is currently working as a physical therapist at ATI Physical Therapy in Mercer Island, Washington. At ATI Physical Therapy she has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of patients, from pediatric patients to patients that are over 100 years old. "I have enjoyed the benefit of working with a strong group of other manual therapists who have a wide background and array of education [...], which drives collaboration and teamwork for all patients seen at the clinic, " shares Samstag.

Professor who had a profound impact: "From Dr. Casey Nesbit's caring and compassionate nature to her drive for the importance of education and patient access to specific healthcare, I will always hold her perspective close to heart."

Professional goals: "I hope to contribute [to the profession] a well-rounded and biomechanical perspective on physical therapy examination and treatment, which I learned at Pacific, to each individual patient I treat."

Favorite Pacific memory: "Traveling with Dr. Casey Nesbit, as well as my fellow DPT students Meiying Lam ['15] and Michael Dessel ['15], to Malawi, Africa."
Steven Carmack headshotSteven Carmack '15, DPT is currently working as a physical therapist and aquatic physical therapist at Integrated Physical Therapy in Yuba City, California. He welcomed the opportunity to return to his hometown.

Professor who had a profound impact: "Dr. Todd Davenport, inspired all of us during a very difficult first semester with motivational speeches and an abundance of knowledge that he presented in understandable ways for us newcomers."

Professional goals: "To give people who don't know much about physical therapy the education and confidence to achieve a higher quality of life in a fun and interactive way."

Favorite Pacific memory: "Winning the co-ed soccer intramural championship with a team of PT students."

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