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Cassie Chen

Instructor of Chinese


Phone: 209.932.3268


WPC-Annex 154

Teaching Philosophy

In order to help students engage in a language learning class, I prefer to create a safe learning environment and to offer more chances for students to use the target language in classroom. I believe that it is instructor's responsibility to provide students with a safe learning environment. In this environment, both the teacher and students are supportive, patient and willing to give and receive help, so that students can freely illustrate their needs, questions, thoughts and comments, etc. Also, practice plays an essential role in my teaching. Language is a tool of communication. Knowing how to use a language is important in language learning. Therefore, I encourage students to do pair work and group work in class to practice using Chinese. I hope that every student has the opportunity to actively use the target language instead of accepting it passively .

Scholarly Interest

Cultural factors and Chinese language learning
Higher education
Teacher preparation program


CHIN 11A First-year Chinese, 1st Semester