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Degree Evaluation (DegreeWorks)

DegreeWorks is designed to show you how the courses you take fit into your current academic program or where your courses could fit into another academic program. DegreeWorks' Degree Evaluation is not meant to replace your advisor or the University Catalog. It serves as a great reference tool to make your path to graduation easier to follow by tracking your progress towards degree completion. You may view this at any time via insidePacific. 

Currently the following types of students can use DegreeWorks Degree Evaluation:

  • Undergraduate students following a Catalog of Fall 2011 or later.
  • Doctor of Pharmacy students following a Catalog of Fall 2011 or later.

Important Note for Students & Advisors: Repeated Coursework – while a student is currently enrolled in a course for which they have previously completed (earned a grade; A-F) or received transfer credit, then this repeated attempt will show in academic records (insidePacific, DegreeWorks (as previously in CAPP), transcript, etc.) under units and course requirement categories (GE, Major, etc.) in progress.  After final course grades are submitted at the end of the term, next the student’s record is assessed and the final allocation of units/course requirement is made according to academic regulations and the larger consideration of the student’s full degree evaluation.