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Pacific in the Press | May 3, 2016

May 3, 2016

Quote of the Week
Here are examples of how University of the Pacific was represented in the news media in recent days:


Washington Post
San Francisco's long shadow
April 28, 2016
"East of San Francisco, beyond the Bay Area's rabid housing market and high-tech office parks, is a different California where the air is hotter, the land is cheaper and the homeowners are enduring a more precarious version of the American dream," this story begins. Jeff Michael, director of the Center for Business and Policy Research, is quoted: "When they weren't all that connected, they were actually more equal," he said. "And now they're growing together and there's this massive inequality between them."
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National Public Radio
Cooking with the Bard: We suss out Shakespeare's forgotten foods
April 20, 2016
When Hamlet huffs about the "funeral baked meats" served at his mother's wedding banquet, he is chastising her for her quick re-marriage, implying that she was serving leftovers from his father's recent funeral. But funeral baked meats were in fact a real food, and they weren't as macabre as their name implied - though they were cooked in a "coffin." The same word was used for "a coffer to keep dead people or to keep meat in," explains Ken Albala, professor of history and director of food studies.
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UOP: 100 students register to vote after U.S. Senate debate
April 26, 2016
KCRA returned to Pacific following the April 25 U.S. Senate Debate to visit the classroom of Brian Klunk, professor of political science, and ask students their perception of the debate.
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The Record
Our View: Pacific, students are winners
April 27, 2016
The Record's editorial board writes: "There were a couple of clear-cut winners in Monday's debate: University of the Pacific and its students." The editorial continues: "Pacific did a first-rate job organizing the debate, and it's important that it was held here in the Central Valley ... The fact that a crucial debate, roughly a month from the June 7 primary, was held in Stockton certainly is a positive for our area."
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San Francisco Chronicle
As front-runner sweeps 5 states, rivals turn to 'Stop Trump'
April 26, 2016
Jeff Becker, associate professor of political science, doesn't expect Trump to roll out a lot of policy proposals as the campaign moves west. "I don't think he spells out policy - it's just going to be a lot of sound bites," he said. "It's his personality that people are attracted to."
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Dallas Morning News
Do troubled transfer athletes deserve a second chance?
April 29, 2016
Peter Schroeder, chair of health, exercise and sport sciences, said that colleges and universities "are taking a huge risk" and "playing with fire" when they look at troubled transfer athletes only in terms of their potential impact on the playing field. Read more:

Family to sue Lyft after deadly Sacramento crash
April 27, 2016
The family of a West Sacramento man killed as a passenger while riding in a vehicle driven by a Lyft driver is suing the rideshare company. Clark Kelso, professor of law, commented: "The company should be standing behind the drivers, in that the companies have enough control over the drivers that the liability should be on the company's behalf."
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The Record
Amazon's same-day delivery expanding to Central Valley
April 6, 2016
Joel Herche, associate professor of marketing, said the giant retailer's moves will have a substantial impact on its competitors. "Retailing is always changing, but Amazon is really making it hard to justify getting into the car to go to a physical store," he said.
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New America Media
Moms say dental care tops list for Medi-Cal kids - Dentists are MIA
April 27, 2016
In the last couple of years, California has come up with innovative ways to change its bleak dental health landscape. One of these is the Virtual Dental Home Demonstration Project developed at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. Read more:

Study International News
5 US business schools with excellent graduate outcomes
April 21, 2016
"At schools like University of the Pacific's Eberhardt School of Business ... facilities are in place to ensure students are given the best chance to succeed in the professional business sphere."
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Central Valley Business Journal
University of the Pacific gives two honorary degrees
April 19, 2016
Alumni Douglass Eberhardt and Kate Moses will receive honorary degrees during May's commencement ceremony.
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Broadway World
LA Master Chorale welcomes award-winning assistant conductor
April 28, 2016
Following a national search, the Los Angeles Master Chorale has tapped a Pacific faculty member as assistant conductor. Jenny Wong, who has served as visiting director of choral activities at the Conservatory of Music this past year, begins her new job this month. She is one of the youngest conductors to win two consecutive World Champion titles. She is pursuing a doctorate at USC.
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