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Counseling and School Psychology
Benerd School of Education
Justin Low
Program Lead


Benerd College
For Degree and Credentialing: 209.946.2683 For Professional Development: 209.946.2424 For Sacramento Programs: 916.340.6155

3601 Pacific Ave. Stockton, CA 95211
3200 Fifth Ave. Sacramento, CA 95817

School Psychology Credential

The Pupil Personnel Services Credential with the School Psychology Authorization allows individuals to provide school services in grades 12 and below. School psychologists attempt to foster the social, emotional and academic well being of all students by collaborating with families, school staff, and the community to ensure that students are educated in schools that support equity, access, and respect for all.

The school psychology credential is directly tied to the Ed.S. degree

Requirements to enter the program:

  • Must possess a Master's degree in a related field 
  • Must have grades no lower than a B in specific Master's coursework 

State Requirements:

  • Must successfully pass all required coursework
  • Must complete program assessments including the Praxis exam in school psychology
  • Must successfully pass all fieldwork and internship requirements and competencies
  • Must obtain passing scores on the CBEST  

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