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Benefits news: Bike (or Walk) to Work Month

Help save the planet and enjoy the great outdoors!
Apr 29, 2016

May is Bike (or Walk) to Work Month!  

Registration will be on Thursday, May 5, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the table on the DeRosa University Center walkway. It's easy to participate.

1. Register for during the month of May, and promise to ride or walk to work at least one day during the month of May. Want bonus points? Log a trip on your dashboard calendar.
2. Get out there and ride! (or walk!) Visit a local event for free giveaways, prizes and a chance to meet other cyclists.

If you're new to biking to work, check out the resources on this website to help make your transition to a car-free commute as easy as possible. If you're an old pro at biking to work, offer to help out your friends and co-workers who may be new to this fun, healthy and inexpensive way to commute.  

Prizes will be awarded by random draw, so even if you can only ride one day, you've got a chance to win.

Click the links below to see activities and events in Sacramento and San Francisco.

The company with the highest percentage of registered cyclists (number registered out of total number of employees) will receive luncheon for all employees who pledged to ride. Go Tigers!

Other Ways to Participate: Click on the county for a listing of events!


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