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Update on subpoena process

Apr 22, 2016

There has been a slight change in the university's subpoena processing procedure.

The Office of Enterprise Risk Management, in collaboration with the Office of the General Counsel, has engaged CT Corporation System as the university's new agent of service.

What does that change mean?  

Previously, a process server would come to the campus trying to determine where to personally serve a subpoena or other legal documents. Now, service agencies, process servers and others who consult the state's website regarding where to serve legal documents will be directed to CT Corporation System. This new procedure should result in a notable drop in legal documents being served on any of the university's campuses.

However, should a process server deliver a subpoena or other legal document on campus, please receive it, date stamp it, and immediately contact Risk Management at Subpoenas and other legal documents are almost always time sensitive, and your prompt action is appreciated.

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