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Pacific to Eliminate Institutional Learning Objectives

Office of the ProvostApr 18, 2016

In 2016-17, University of the Pacific will eliminate the Institutional Learning Objectives (ILOs), which focus on university-wide outcomes for all Pacific students.

This change, approved by Academic Council, Academic Affairs Committee, Graduate Studies Committee, and the Provost, reflects two developments:   

  1. Only three of the seven ILOs - Major Field Competence, Critical and Creative Thinking, and Communication - are assessed by all of Pacific's academic departments, indicating that the other four objectives are not shared institution-wide. 
    1. Programs that assess the other four objectives - Collaboration and Leadership, Intercultural and Global Perspectives, Ethical Reasoning, and Sustainability - can continue to use them as Program Learning Outcomes.
  1. WSCUC (WASC) has instituted a new requirement that all universities demonstrate undergraduate student achievement of five core competencies:
    1. written communication
    2. oral communication
    3. quantitative reasoning
    4. critical thinking
    5. information literacy

Several of the ILO objectives fall within these core competencies. Institutional assessment of the Core Competencies will be led by Assistant Professor Justin Low, who is a member of the University Assessment Committee and Faculty Fellow in Assessment and Accreditation.  The Core Competency Assessment Plan is underway, aided by library faculty and University Assessment Committee Chair Veronica Wells, who is leading the assessment of information literacy. For more information, please contact Justin Low ( or Veronica Wells (

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