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Benefits news: The importance of "me time"

Apr 14, 2016

Juggling work, children, responsibilities and daily demands often leads people to think they don't have time to take for themselves. It is extremely important to take some time for YOU!

By creating space for some "me time," you are helping others. Giving your emotional well-being the time it deserves will give you more energy to be productive and get things done. After recouping, your more relaxed and happier outlook will better equip you in helping others.

Here are some tips for setting aside important time for yourself:

Schedule it: Every week, find some "me time" on the calendar. Booking it into your schedule will help you commit to it.  

Stick to it: Unless it's crucial, don't cancel "me time." When life gets busy it's tempting to forgo this time. Stick up for yourself and hold yourself accountable to reap the most benefits.  

Take 5: If five minutes is all you've got, you'd be surprised at how much you can make it count! As little as five to 15 minutes can make a big impact.  

Avoid: It may be tempting to fold laundry or catch up on emails during this time. Avoid this and focus on what clears your mind. Try reading a book, stretching, or go for a walk. Try to do nothing — sit quietly and focus on taking deep breaths.

Say No: You don't have to completely cut people off, but let them know you need a 20-minute buffer before attending to their needs.

Get more tips on how to find "Me Time" and learn how stress affects your body and mind as well as how to let go of stress and more in this month's Delta Health Systems Newsletter.

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