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Sayandeb Basu

Visiting Lecturer of Physics


Phone: 209.946.3126


104 Olson Hall


PhD, University of California, Davis, 2005

M.Phil, Cambridge University, 1997

MS, Indian Institute of Technology, 1995

BS, Calcutta University, 1993

Scholarly Interest

My fascination with the relationship between mathematics and the physical laws is a continuing love affair. I worked initially on Statistical Mechanics, and then on quantum entanglement, finally settling for research in Quantum Gravity, which is the unfinished quest to unify Quantum Mechanics, the physics of the very small, with General Relativity, Einstein's celebrated theory of gravitation, the physics of the very large. I focus however on questions, which you might say apply when the universe itself was very small (but note, that such short scale physics could leave its traces on the largest scales). This theory has not been successfully written down yet, and hence it is great fun to try and conceive new (and newer) ideas which might work to give us a complete picture of why gravity must play a non-trivial role at very high energies. And, by the way, understanding black holes (and why they are thermally resemble hot glowing objects rather than being truly "black") might hold a key in this quest!


PHYS 053 Principles of Physics I
PHYS 183 Quantum Mechanics