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Noteworthy Newsletter | April 2016

A digest of recent faculty and staff accomplishments and scholarly and artistic activity
Apr 13, 2016

Awards, recognition and service

ECO award
Pictured left to right: Andrew Chesley, Executive Director, SJCOG; Cari Keller, University of the Pacific Human Resources; Bob Elliot, San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors, District 5; and, Eddie Tolentino, Green Team San Joaquin Chair.

Pacific Recognized for Excellence in Commuter Options
On Thursday, March 10, University of the Pacific was awarded the ECO (Excellence in Commuter Options) Award. Pacific was selected as the top employer for 2016 in San Joaquin County for providing multiple options for employees to commute to work. Options such as walking to work, biking to work, ridesharing, vanpooling, preferred parking spots, guaranteed ride home, flexible work arrangements and telecommuting options all contributed to this recognition for Pacific and highlights great benefits for employees. Learn more about commuting options at Pacific here.

College of the Pacific

Sage Encylopedia of Food IssuesKen Albala, Professor of History, had his edited encyclopedia, The SAGE Encyclopedia of Food Issues, a 3-volume reference work, named a best reference title for 2015 in the food category by the Library Journal. "The more than 400 well-written and well-researched A-Z entries here focus on social and policy aspects of food production, safety, regulation, labeling, marketing, distribution, and consumption. The focus is inclusive and global, as are the contributors." Read more>>

Christopher LudwigChristopher Ludwig, assistant clinical professor of health exercise and sport sciences and director of the athletic training program, hosted the 6th Annual Leadership Development Conference and Clinical Symposium for the California Athletic Trainers' Association (CATA) in Sacramento May 23-27. Ludwig was the Conference and Symposium Chair and a member of the CATA Board of Directors. This year boasted the largest attendance since the event's inception with more than 230 attendees. Ludwig also gave a peer-reviewed, oral presentation on the foundations of evidence-based practice, "Critical Appraisal of the Best Evidence — What, Why, and How?"  Ludwig and a group of faculty, students and alumni were among more than 250 athletic trainers and students participating in the "Hit the Hill" event at the state capitol Feb. 22 organized by CATA in support of AB2007 "Youth Sports Concussion Protocols." The event was part of the CATA annual leadership development conference and clinical symposium and included more than 100 meetings with state assembly and senate representatives. Pacific participants were Jennifer Hoenig, Lecturer and Clinical Education Coordinator, Jamie DeRollo, Preceptor/Instructor, Teralyn Dodds '16, Jocelyn Schilue '16, Kelly George '16, Christina Scutti '16, Maggie Castillo '16, Abby Wong '17, and several Pacific alumni, including Kevin Boyd '13 and Jamie Adams '04. 

Caroline Schroeder, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, has been appointed as an external member of the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield, UK. Read more>>

Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry

EVOC group from the dental schoolThe Employee Volunteer Opportunities Committee (EVOC) completed its first project with a supply drive for La Casa de las Madres, a San Francisco-based resource center for survivors of domestic violence. Students, faculty and staff donated about 400 items, including packs of diapers, baby wipes, shampoo, body wash, lotion, bar soap, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, women's underwear and socks, and food items. Learn about EVOC >>

Nan Xiao award

Professor Nan Xiao (center) with Karen Schulze, chair of the research committee, and Interim Dean Nader Nadershahi.

Nan Xiao, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences, received the 2016 Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry Research Enhancement Award for her proposal, "The Role of Neurotropic Factors in Dental Pulp Generation." The award provides a $25,000 grant given annually to support new investigators in the dental school.

Gladys L. Benerd School of Education

Rod GithensRod Githens, Assistant Dean for Sacramento Programs and Associate Professor in Benerd School of Education, was the lead on a project awarded the annual Excellence in Scholarly Practice Award from the Academy of Human Resource Development. Githens led the two-year initiative, "Harnessing Our Learning Culture: Creating Alignment in Learning through a Strategic Imagining Process," at Norton Healthcare, a 40-location healthcare system in Louisville, Kentucky, and Indiana. The award recognizes the most outstanding example of integrating research, theory, and practice in a manner that brings measurable improvement to an organization.

McGeorge School of Law

Omar Dajani, Professor of Law, will participate as an academic adviser in a meeting of the Shades Negotiation Program, a platform in Israel/Palestine that aims to serve as a resource to policymakers, a safe and professional setting for ongoing learning experiences of sophisticated Negotiation & Leadership methodologies, and for peer learning based on the members' expertise and perspectives.

Chet NewlandChet Newland, Senior Professor of Public Administration, received the inaugural Visionary Award at the 2016 national conference of the American Society for Public Administration held in Seattle, Washington. The Visionary Award recognizes the unique characteristics of an individual to envision a future that would be diverse, inclusive and equitable. The award is sponsored by the LGBT Advocacy Alliance Section of the organization.  Newland was recognized for his lifelong commitment to civil rights, diversity, equality, fairness and justice. Read more>>

Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Robert F. Halliwell, Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology, was awarded a $15,000 mini-grant from San Joaquin County Behavioral Health Services to develop a small program of education activities in mental health for San Joaquin County. The project title is "Partnering Pharmacists and those with Lived Experience of Mental Illness to Enhance Recognition, Early Intervention and Care Capacity in the Wellness." Ed Rogan, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, will also participate in this project along with pharmacy students in the Mental Health Committee.

Publications, presentations and artistic activities

College of the Pacific

Kris Alexanderson, Assistant Professor of History, presented the paper "Subversive Seas: Transoceanic Policing and Anti-Imperial Migrations in the Twentieth-Century Dutch Empire" at the Security and Empire: Mechanics of Securitization in Imperial Spaces conference, hosted by the Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe in Marburg, Germany, March 16-18.

Andreea Boboc, Associate Professor of English, presented on "Legal Personhood in More's Utopia" on Feb. 25 at McGeorge School of Law as part of the UTOPIA500 lecture series celebrating the 500th anniversary of Thomas More's Utopia. Boboc explored how the fluidity and multiple jurisdictional levels of law in late medieval England shaped personhood. 

Qingwen Dong, Professor and Chair of Communication, presented a research paper on "Intended Intercultural Behavior and Ethnocentrism" at the Western States Communication Association Annual Conference in San Diego in February. Co-authors on the research included Communication graduate students Benjamin Mann '16, Joshua Harzman '16, Mostafa Aniss '16, Kelly Lootz '16, Supreet Mann '16, Alexander Paez '16, Chad Reed '16 and Joshua Ward '17, and School of Engineering and Computer Science graduate student Scott Ebel '15. Dong co-authored the Chinese language book The Impact of American Social Media, published by Communication University of China.

Cynthia Dobbs, Associate Professor of English, presented "The Cultural Work of Etiology: Diagnosing 'John Henryism' in Claudia Rankine's Don't Let Me Be Lonely: An American Lyric" at the American Comparative Literature Association Conference at Harvard University on March 19. The paper was presented as part of the ACLA seminar "Origins."

Cosana Eram, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Literature, presented the paper "Julius Corentin Acquefacques et le retour égaré à l'origine des objets impossibles" at the Annual 20th and 21st Century French and Francophone Studies Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, March 17-19. Her blog post "Glossing on Authorship" was published on the Stanford portal Arcade: Literature, Humanities, and the World. Her article "Isidore Isou et l'insurrection de l'érotologie in Mélusine" was published in the Journal of the Association for the Research and Study of Surrealism, Paris, France, No. XXXVI: "Masculin/ Féminin," March 2016.

Jennifer Helgren, Associate Professor of History, presented the paper "'There Are Lots Of Other Camp Fire Things We Can Do': Ability and Disability Discourse in American Youth Organizations, 1945-1965" at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference in Seattle, Washington, in March.

Kieran Holland, Associate Professor Physics, co-authored the article "An improved single-plaquette gauge action" in the Journal of High Energy Physics with colleagues at the Universities of Bern and Milan and the DESY Berlin Research Center. They designed a way to accelerate numerical simulations of particle physics that could be used in future high-end computational work necessary to study the interactions of quarks and gluons, as well as examine speculative theories connected to the Higgs boson.

Alan Lenzi, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, published the article "Akkadian Prayers in Ancient Mesopotamia" in The Ancient Near East Today, a publication of the American Schools of Oriental Research.

Ruth Lewis, Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, and Rob Mees '16 gave a joint presentation at the Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting in Oakland. Their talk, "Vape culture among young Californians," discussed initial findings from their in-progress study on vaping (e-cigarette use) among youth in Stockton.

City of FlowersSusan Mannon, Associate Professor of Sociology, had her book, City of Flowers: An Ethnography of Social and Economic Change in Costa Rica's Central Valley, published by Oxford University Press. Focusing on Heredia, a city in Costa Rica's populated Central Valley, and drawing on more than 10 years of fieldwork, the book examines how men and women in four different class locations negotiate the economic changes going on around them, constructing new worldviews and lifeways in the process.

Michael McCallum, Professor of Chemistry, co-presented the poster "Understanding Secondary Structure Hydrogen Bonds of Peptides using Steered Molecular Dynamics Simulations" at the 60th Biophysical Society Meeting, February 27 to March 2 in Los Angeles.

Monika Meler, Assistant Professor of Art and Graphic Design, was a visiting artist with Matrix Press, an organization that is part of the University of Montana that works with artists to create editions of fine art prints. While there, she worked with assistants to create four editions of her artworks, totaling over 150 prints. She also delivered a lecture, "Getting Lost and Creativity" about her work and artistic process. Read more>>

Sarah Merz, Professor Mathematics, gave the talk "The Competition Graph of a Local Tournament" at the 47th Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing at Florida Atlantic University.

Matt Normand, Associate Professor of Psychology, was honored as the 2016 Distinguished Speaker at the Florida State University Panama City campus, where he delivered the talk "Nature via nurture: You were born to be made." He also gave the invited address "Nature or nurture: Either way it's your parent's fault" at the New Hampshire Association for Behavior Analysis in Bedford, New Hampshire. Normand and students Heather Zerger '14, Verena Boga '15 and Rutvi Patel '14 co-authored the article "Adult Attention and Interaction Can Increase Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity in Young Children" which has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Camille Norton, Professor of English, delivered a paper on poet Adrienne Rich, "Dreaming the Death of Orpheus: Adrienne Rich and Poetic Origin" at the American Comparative Literature Association Conference at Harvard University in late March. 

Jianhua Ren, Professor of Chemistry, and postdoctoral fellow Ekram Hossain, along with former graduate student Yuan Tian '14, had their co-authored paper, "Fragmentation Patterns and Mechanisms of Singly and Doubly Protonated Peptoids Studied by Collision Induced Dissociation," published in Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry

Building New ChinaGregory Rohlf, Associate Professor of History, had his book Building New China, Colonizing Kokonor: Agricultural Resettlement to Qinghai in the 1950s, published by Rowman and Littlefield (2016). 

Jerry Tsai, Associate Professor of Chemistry, co-authored the paper "An amino acid code for irregular and mixed protein packing," describing a novel and insightful description of protein packing structure and its dependence on sequence for interactions between irregular as well as regular secondary structure, in Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bionformatics, Vol. 83(12) . Co-authors are Huyn Joo, Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Archana G. Chavan '14 and Keith Fraga '13. Tsai and members of his lab group presented four posters on various aspects of an amino acid packing code for protein structure involving the protein tertiary structure, protein-protein interactions, a model of protein/DNA specificity, and protein design at the 60th Biophysical Society Meeting in Los Angeles Feb. 27-March 2. Other contributors were Hyun Joo, Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Keith Fraga '13, Shivarni Patel '13, Vivian Chen '16, and Sruti Elson '16.

Racial Imaginary coverXiaojing Zhou, Professor of English and Ethnic Studies, had her translation of The City in Which I Love You, a collection of poems by Li-Young Lee and a winner of the 1990 Lamont Poetry Selection awarded by the Academy of American Poets, published in Beijing, 2016. Thirteen of Zhou's students from her 2014 Introduction to Ethnic Studies class had their writings published along with Zhou's introduction to them in the book The Racial Imaginary: Writers on Race in the Life of the Mind, edited by Claudia Rankine, Beth Loffreda and Max King Cap, published by Fence Books, (March 2015). The writings were developed from a class assignment and written in the form of vignettes. Originally inspired by Rankine's writings collected in her award-winning book Citizen: An American Lyric, the students' writings confront racial stigmatization or raced, gendered and classed micro-aggression in everyday encounters. Student authors are Anise Abraham '14, Zachery Artozqui '17, Alicia Calhoun '14, Lorena Campos '15, Adnan Hashtam '16, Jackie Johnson '16, Emilia Briceño López '16, Flora On '14, Sandra Padilla '17, John Steiner '14, Sukhman Sandhu '16, Sarah Unger '16 and Jillian Yelinek '17.

School of International Studies

Bruce La Brack, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, conducted a pre-reentry seminar for Saudi Arabian students who have completed North American undergraduate degrees in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and are returning home after studying four to five years at American universities. The program is sponsored by Saudi Basic Industries Corporation Educational Foundation-America, March 10-13, Houston, Texas.

Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry

Teresa Kuhlman, Pacific Dental Helix Curriculum Manager, Meixun "Sinky" Zheng, Assistant Professor and Instructional Designer, and Daniel Bender, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Assistant Professor, presented a one-hour session on computer-based testing, "A case study of the implementation of computer-based testing with ExamSoft," at the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Annual Conference 2016 in Denver, Colorado. View the presentation>> They discussed the staggered process and policies of ExamSoft implementation, the layered approach to faculty, staff and student training, as well as initial outcomes. A follow-up study is underway to collect more in-depth data from students and faculty to examine the impact of the new testing system on teaching and learning.

Gladys L. Benerd School of Education

Tenisha Tevis, Assistant Professor of Educational Administration and Leadership, co-authored an article "Social Disorganization Theory and Crime Rates on California Community College Campuses" published in the Community College Journal of Research and Practice. Her co-author is recent graduate Tamara Ravalin '14 of the doctoral program in Educational Administration and Leadership. This article reports the findings from a quantitative study exploring crime rates on California Community College campuses.

McGeorge School of Law

Leah Adams, Career Advisor, had her article "Generational Dynamics in Mentor Relationships" published in the NALP Bulletin, a publication of the National Association for Law Placement with a membership of more than 2,500 legal career professionals who advise law students, lawyers, law offices and law schools.

Raquel Aldana, Professor of Law, attended the ABA Rule of Law Initiative Annual Retreat and Board Meeting as a member of the Latin American Council of the ABA ROLI, which included a reception at the U.S. Supreme Court recognizing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as the recipient of the 2016 ROLI Award. Aldana's article, "Intercultural Legal Sensibility as Transformation" has been published in the Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal, Vol. 25 (2016). 

Franklin Gevurtz, Distinguished Professor of Law, was cited on March 22 in First National Bank of Omaha v. iBeam Solutions, LLC, (2016-Ohio-1182, Ohio Court of Appeals 10th Dist.) quoting from his "Piercing Piercing: An Attempt to Lift the Veil of Confusion Surrounding the Doctrine of Piercing the Corporate Veil," which was published in the Oregon Law Review (76:1997).

Jennifer Harder, Assistant Professor of Lawyering Skills, presented an overview of California water law at the Water Education Foundation's annual Water 101 briefing, held in West Sacramento on Feb. 4. Harder presented an overview of water rights and her research on water neutral development on Feb. 5 at the Municipal Law Institute's annual symposium, held on the Sacramento campus and organized by Professor Harder for McGeorge's water program and Steve Hansen, Director of Capital Initiatives in the Capital Center for Public Law & Policy, in coordination with the League of California Cities. Read more>> She presented her paper, "Unlimited Rights in a Water-Scarce World? Quantification of Dormant Rights to Common-Pool Groundwater," at the Texas Tech Law Review Symposium in Lubbock, Texas, on Feb. 23. The paper will be published in the Law Review's symposium issue later this year.  

Courtney Lee, Associate Professor of Lawyering Skills,  has been invited to participate in a "Workshop on Balance in Legal Education: Incorporating Mindfulness into Legal Education" at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools Annual Conference, held in Amelia Island, Florida, in August 2016. She will also be presenting a workshop on the benefits and methods of incorporating mindfulness practices into academic support and other curricular programs at the 2016 Association of Academic Support Educators Conference in New York City in May.

Brian Slocum, Professor of Law, gave a faculty exchange scholarly presentation to faculty at Texas A&M School of Law. He also discussed his scholarly work at the Northern California Administrative Law Professors Conference held at UC Berkeley Law School.

John Sprankling, Distinguished Professor of Law, had his article, "Property and the Roberts Court," accepted for publication in the University of Kansas Law Review. It is the first comprehensive analysis of the property jurisprudence of the Roberts Court.

Jarrod Wong, Professor of Law, had his introductory remarks for the panel he moderated, "Transparency and Procedural Due Process in International Economic Law," published in the Proceedings of the One Hundred Ninth Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law. Wong has been invited  to speak at the Stanford Journal of International Law's spring symposium, "Adjudicating Across Borders and Domains: Contemporary Challenges in International Arbitration," April 29-30 at Stanford University. He organized and moderated the panel "Forum non Concurrence in the Resolution of Investment Treaty Disputes" on March 31 at the 2016 annual meeting of the American Society of International Law in Washington, D.C. His article, "BG Group v. Republic of Argentina: A Supreme Misunderstanding of Investment Treaty Arbitration," was published in the Pepperdine Law Review, Vol. 43

Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Larry Boles,  Professor of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, had his continuing education course, "Aphasia couples therapy: A conversation-based practice," 2nd edition, published on by Gannett Publishers. He co-authored the article "Easy Does It: Advice on Writing a Successful Graduate School Application" in NSSLHA Now!, the newsletter of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association. His Aphasia Couples Therapy demonstration video "Adult Language Disorder" is posted for continuing education on the Master Clinician website (, which provides peer-reviewed examples of evidenced-based clinical practice in speech-language pathology. 

Derek Isetti, Assistant Professor of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, had the article "Voice Disorders in the Workplace: A Clinician's Primer" published in The Voice: Newsletter of the Voice Foundation, Vol 20 (4). Isetti co-authored the article "The Americans with Disabilities Act and Voice Disorders: Practical Guidelines for Voice Clinicians" published in the Journal of Voice. He co-authored the article "Workplace Productivity and Voice Disorders: A Cognitive Interviewing Study on Presenteeism in Individuals with Spasmodic Dysphonia" published in the Journal of Voice, Vol 28 (6). He co-authored the article "Inferring Speaker Attributes in Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia: Ratings from Unfamiliar Listeners" in the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, Vol 23 (2). He co-authored the article "Disease-Specific Self-Efficacy in Spasmodic Dysphonia Patients" published in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, 148 (3).

Jeannene Ward-Lonergan, Professor of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, co-authored the article "Intervention to improve expository reading comprehension skills in older children and adolescents with language disorders" in Topics in Language Disorders, 36(1), 52-64.

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