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Sonja Wissink

Instructor of German


Phone: 209.932.3036


WPC 151-C


Teaching Philosophy

My approach to teaching is based on the fact that all students are unique and should have an educational environment that stimulates their natural curiosity and helps them to discover their enthusiasm for learning. I encourage critical thinking and my students are invited to share their thoughts and ideas at any time. Especially when it comes to learning a new language it is important to take the students' fear to make mistakes. I believe there are a few essential elements that are most important to make a learning experience successful: Firstly, the teacher is first and foremost a guide to students. That's why I let my students try out exercises and activities first, before I offer solutions. Secondly, the classroom activities must have a connection to the students' actual lives. Thirdly, students should be allowed to choose from a large variety of exercises and activities and let their curiosity direct their learning. In this way the needs of every individual learner type can be met. I strongly believe that technology should be incorporated into every learning experience. We live in a highly digitalized world which gives us the opportunity to make education instructive and enjoyable at the same time. I always try to include all these elements into my classes and so help the students to reach their full potential.

Scholarly Interest

Technology Enhanced Language Teaching
Language Acquisition
Bilingual Education
Applied Ethics
Media Ethics
German literature and culture of the late 19th Century (Fin de siècle, Young Vienna)


GERM 11A First-Year German, First Semester
GERM 23 Intermediate German, Third Semester