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Benefits news: Good nutrition on a budget

Mar 21, 2016

In a tough economy, many Americans reduce the amount of money they spend on food. But at what cost to their health? Research has determined a strong correlation between obesity, unhealthy eating habits and lower economic status. As the price of food rises, many Americans may sacrifice nutrition for dollars.

Learning to become a savvy shopper allows even the most budget-conscious individuals to make healthy choices. In order to get the most nutrient "bang for your buck," shop the perimeter of the grocery store, where the fresh produce, whole grains and dairy are located. Avoid inner aisles, packed with high-fat and high-calorie snack foods.   While saving money, it is possible to gain more sustenance and nutrition. Many healthy foods can be found for under $1. 

Here are some suggested items to grab instead of high-calorie and high-fat snack foods:

Apples, Bananas, Beets, Broccoli, Coffee, Eggs, Garbanzo beans, Kale, Milk, Nuts, Oats, Potatoes, Spinach, Tofu, Watermelon and wild rice.

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