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Pacific in the Press | March 8, 2016

Mar 8, 2016

Quote of the week
Here are examples of how University of the Pacific was represented in the media in recent days:


4 U.S. Senate candidates to face off in debate
March 6, 2016
University of the Pacific, the San Francisco Chronicle and KCRA 3 will co-host a senate debate among candidates for the seat Sen. Barbara Boxer is vacating. The debate will take place at 6 p.m. on April 25 in the DeRosa University Center.
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The Sacramento Bee
Sacramento area soprano reaches semifinals in Met contest
March 5, 2016
Alumna Yelena Dyachek, who has made it to the grand final of the prestigious Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, is the subject of a Sunday feature story. "It was fairly obvious from the first audition that she had a unique talent," said Daniel Ebbers, professor and interim dean of the Conservatory of Music. "She had a larger voice than most singers we hear. It's a tremendously powerful voice."
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CBS News (National)
Energy drinks raise more health concerns
March 3, 2016
For your heart's sake, go easy on the energy drinks. A new study shows guzzling the jacked-up beverages can raise the risk for an abnormal heart rhythm and increase blood pressure. Sachin Shah, an associate professor of pharmacy practice, said the negative affects on heart health occur when the highly-caffeinated drinks are consumed in large quantities. "While we wait for more data, some consumers should exercise caution and not blindly follow the buzz," Shah said. Dean Phillip Oppenheimer is also quoted.
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Capital Public Radio
UOP: Energy Drinks Trigger Abnormal Heart Rhythms
March 3, 2016
More coverage of new research by Sachin Shah, associate professor of pharmacy practice.
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CBS Sacramento
UOP Helping Teachers Go Back to School With Math Training
March 2, 2016
Dennis Parker, associate professor of education, is principal investigator on a state Department of Education grant to provide professional development in math teaching to teachers at small and rural school districts.
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KRON-TV (San Francisco)
Dugoni gives kids a smile
The Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry's annual Give Kids a Smile event was the subject of a lengthy and glowing report on one of San Francisco's top TV stations.
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The Record
Mobile medical clinic continues to grow
March 5, 2016
University of the Pacific pharmacy students have been holding Medicare Mobile Clinics every fall for the past nine years. This past year, they assisted a record 888 Medicare beneficiaries, indicating the clinics are more popular - and necessary - than ever. "We're looking now for a national advocate or sponsor to help disseminate this program nationally," said Rajul Patel, associate professor of pharmacy and health sciences.
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The Daily Beast
Want to Lose Weight? Put Down the Diet Book
March 5, 2016
Diet books aren't solely a modern American phenomenon. Food historian Ken Albala, director of the Food Studies program, has studied diet manuals dating back to the 1400s. "A diet promises some form of transformation," he said. "You don't go on a diet to stay the way you are, you go on a diet because you want to lose weight or you want to find love or you want to avoid disease."
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Banned! Hoverboards not allowed on University of Pacific campuses
March 5, 2016
Pacific is banning hoverboards from its campuses, joining 30 other colleges who have made similar announcements. Student body president Serena Welch is interviewed.

The Sacramento Bee
We need to truly respect each other
March 4, 2016
Jim Tabuchi, whose father was the first Japanese-American to graduate from College of the Pacific after WWII, talks about the lessons he gleans from a luggage tag attached to one of his grandparents' suitcases when they were deported from Stockton to the Rohwer Relocation Camp in Arkansas in 1942. The tag is on a display in a Library study room. The essay references University of the Pacific's Japanese-American Internment Collections and their importance in helping us remember and learn from the past.
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University Business
Inside Look: Alumni Houses
March 2016
Thanks to a nomination from Mary Ann Piana Chapman, manager of alumni operations, the Vereschagin Alumni House is featured in this showcase of innovative alumni facilities. Several handsome Vereschagin photos are included in the slideshow.
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