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Pacific soloists Kipp Brewer, Madelaine Matej, Richard Fiallos, and Janos Csontos. (photo courtesy of The Record newspaper)

Pacific soloists Kipp Brewer, Madelaine Matej, Richard Fiallos, and Janos Csontos. (photo courtesy of The Record newspaper)

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Students from Concerto Competition Shine Bright at Orchestra Concert

Mar 1, 2016

One of the Conservatory's most exciting annual performances occurred at the end of February 2016, the University Symphony Orchestra's Concert featuring winners of the Concerto Competition. Each year adjudicators select four graduating seniors to represent their class during a spring orchestra concert. This year the first spring orchestra performance followed the Mahler Side-by-Side concert by less than a month and included Edward Elgar's Enigma Variations, demanding a whirlwind of work by the orchestra to support the soloists. Members of the orchestra rose to the challenge and presented a professional and entertaining evening under the skillful direction of Dr. Nicolas Waldvogel.

Featured Performers:
Richard Fiallos, Piano (Music Performance)
Sergei Prokofiev, Piano Concerto No. 2 in G Minor, Mvt. I. Andantino-Allegretto
Regarding the performance, Richard said, "I'm so thankful to be a part of this concert. It's an honor to play a concerto from one of my favorite composers and share this experience with some of the most talented young musicians this university has to offer. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me get this far as a musician including my parents, friends, and teachers who believed I could play such a demanding piece. I appreciate all of the sacrifices they had to make for me as well as all of the support they have given me." On April 2, Richard will be participating in Kilusan Pilipino's 20th annual Pilipino Cultural Night, a theatrical performance consisting of singing, dancing, and acting, aimed towards spreading awareness of the Pilipinx culture. He will take part in multiple traditional dances and even co-wrote the drama script with two other individuals. He will also have his senior piano recital on April 7. After graduating, Richard wishes to take more classes pertaining to interests outside of music such as art, ethnic studies, sex and gender, and history. He also wishes to learn more and help spread awareness about the Pilipinx culture. At the same time he will be preparing for grad school auditions in pursuit of a master's degree. His dream is to eventually become a professional accompanist or college professor.

János Csontos, Alto Saxophone (Music Performance)
Alexandre Glazunov, Saxophone Concerto, Op. 109
Regarding the performance, János said, "I couldn't be more excited to play one of the most famous pieces of classical saxophone repertoire with my own peers in the orchestra. Getting the opportunity to perform this is a huge honor for me and I know it will be a performance I will never forget!" As of this the end of February János is officially done with grad school auditions! They were exhausting and trying in many ways, as he has been recovering from a sprained wrist. János' immediate post-grad plan will be to pursue a master's degree, after which he hopes to pursue some high-level saxophone competitions and form his own chamber ensemble. János eventually wants to be hired as the saxophone professor at a university.

Madelaine Matej, Soprano (Music Performance)
Giuseppe Verdi, "Sul fil d'un soffio etesio", from Falstaff
Benjamin Britten, "Be Kind and Courteous", from A Midsummer Night's Dream
Regarding the performance, Madelaine said, "I have been dreaming of winning the Concerto Competition ever since I learned about it as a freshman, so I'm thrilled that it has become a reality! Working with an orchestra is very exciting for me--I've been rehearsing my arias for years, but the many textures and colors that the orchestra creates completely transform the music and transport me into fairy land. (I'm a fairy queen in both arias, so fairy land is the right place to be.)" In the future Madelaine wants to become a professor of music at a music school to give her stability and allow her to continue to research and/or perform. She wants to get married and start a family, which is why stability is important. Madelaine might go to graduate school for musicology. She is also very interested in vocal health and voice therapy.

Kipp Brewer, Trumpet (Music Performance)
Joseph Haydn, Trumpet Concerto in E-flat Major, Mvt. I. Allegro
Regarding his concerto, Kipp said, "Haydn's Trumpet Concerto was the first ever written for a chromatic trumpet. Previously, trumpets could only play a very limited range of pitches based on the physics of the instrument. But with the invention of the keyed trumpet, Haydn could exploit the expanded range of pitches in the low register. Out of the very first three notes of the solo part, two could not have previously been executed on the mainstream natural trumpets of the time." Kipp will be giving a recital with his quintet, Pax Brass Quintet at the Haggin Museum on April 7th. Learn more about the Pax Brass Quintet's by visiting their website. Kipp has officially finished graduate school auditions including a recent visit to Dallas to audition at SMU and Baylor. He says that it will be nice to relax after the concerto competition concert.

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