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Brian Klunk

Associate Professor of Political Science


Phone: 209.946.2927

Office Hours

WPC 100


PhD, University of Virginia, 1985

MA, University of Virginia, 1980

BA, Pennsylvania State University, 1977

Curriculum Vitae 

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that students benefit most when they are actively engaged in their own learning. To that end, I often build my courses around in-class activities that range from students debating the best grand strategy for US foreign policy to re-enacting the UN Security Council debates about how to respond to the 1994 Rwanda genocide or re-creating the efforts of European diplomats to avoid the outbreak of World War I. Deep engagement through these kinds of activities can bring concepts and theories to life better than a lecture.

Scholarly Interest

I work generally in the area of international political theory. My current interest is in the contribution of Catholic thinking to the development of ius post bellum principles.


PACS 001 What is a Good Society?
PACS 002 Shaping an Ethical Society
PACS 003 What is an Ethical Life?
POLS 041 U.S. Government and Politics
POLS 051 Introduction to International Relations
POLS 160 Theories of International Politics
POLS 170 U.S. Foreign Policy
POLS 189 Political Science Senior Capstone Seminar