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Benefits news: February is Heart Health Month

Jan 28, 2016

Take some time during Heart Health Month to focus on life choices that will strengthen your heart.

Your heart is a muscle that acts as a pump to circulate oxygen and nutrients in your blood to the rest of your body. Like other muscles, it needs oxygen and nutrients too. But when the arteries in your heart become diseased, the heart cannot get the blood it needs to pump efficiently. 

You can greatly reduce your risk of heart disease, or slow its progress, by taking prevention to heart!  Making small gradual changes can make a big difference in your health. 

Some healthy changes include: eating healthy, losing weight, moderate exercise, limited alcohol consumption, quitting smoking and reducing your stress.

For full information on each of these changes, visit  There is also a way to test your risk for having a heart attack in the next 10 years through Kaiser's website.

Try doing something good every day to protect your heart!

Observe RED Friday, Feb. 5
The American Heart Association encourages everyone to consider wearing RED on Friday, Feb. 5, to raise awareness for heart health and the work of the American Heart Association. The association's website is an abundant source of information on heart-healthy living, heart conditions and current research. Visit to learn more.

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