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University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211


Karelli Cabral

As one of the first Fulbright Scholars in Pachuca, Mexico, I feel fortunate to have been presented with the opportunity to share my culture, language, perspectives, and interests with my host university and community at large.  The chance to do so came in serving as a panelist at conferences, leading conversation groups, advising on the development of English language teaching materials, presenting the benefits of learning a second language at various state-wide academic institutions, and organizing public art projects (Learn more here:  

Emma Luther

Most Fulbright scholarships are awarded for a year of research, but I was granted a scholarship for a year of graduate studies at a German university. Because I was enrolled in a program, I saw the forty or so students in my program regularly. The most meaningful part of my Fulbright experience was the bond I made with the other international students in my program. I met people from Germany, of course, but also China, Russia, Croatia, Turkey, Georgia, France, Mexico, Brazil, Ukraine, and Turkmenistan. Because Germany was new to us, even something as simple as grocery shopping was more complicated and having someone else who was integrating into a new cultural at the same time as you was very important.  My closest friend was from China, and we each compared German culture to our own. I got to learn about Germany from an American perspective, as well as from a Chinese one, while also learning about China in the process. The life experiences I gained during that year and the bonds of friendship I made with people from all around the world, I know will stay with me for the rest of my life.