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Educational Effectiveness

Educational EffectivenessEducational effectiveness and program review considers how well departments align with the University's values, strategies, and goals; in turn, departmental goals help shape University planning. Program review is not intended to focus on correcting resource deficiencies of a program, making incremental decisions regarding faculty or staff positions, or as a substitute for administrative decisions to be made by unit heads or executive administration. Program review is not an unrestrained opportunity to request additional resources; however, the outcome could result in the allocation of additional resources to achieve strategic objectives for the unit.

The University conducts regular assessment of each academic, academic support, and non-academic program, in order to:

  • Ensure that University activities are aligned with institutional mission and goals
  • Ensure that academic programs are of highest quality and that student learning is sustained at high levels
  • Serve the goal of continuous institutional improvement
  • Provide data for resource management and decision-making
  • Satisfy the requirements of accreditation

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