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Benefits news: Give your fridge and pantry a health makeover this spring

Jan 14, 2016

Don't let your shopping habits throw your healthy resolutions for a loop! Delta Dental challenges you to give your fridge and pantry a mouth-friendly makeover this January. Toss unhealthy items from your grocery list to keep your fridge and teeth clean year round.

Here's what to keep and what needs to go:

Keep: Milk
Toss: Chocolate Milk and Egg Nog
Your mom was right: drink your milk. It has calcium for your teeth and jawbone. People who get the right amount of calcium are also less likely to develop gum disease.  But adding sugars can cause cavities. Stick to plain, low fat varieties. 

Keep: Water
Toss: Juice
Water is the superior beverage- whether you prefer sparkling, still or tap. Juices are loaded with sugar and empty calories. Water keeps your mouth moist, which helps your saliva rinse away food particles and bacteria from your teeth.

Keep: Yogurt
Toss: Ice cream
Craving something sweet? Instead of filling your freezer with ice cream, make your own, homemade frozen yogurt instead by combining four ingredients: frozen strawberries, non-fat plain yogurt, lemon juice and a sugar free sweetener.

Keep: Cucumbers and other crunchy veggies
Toss: Chips
You may not think of reaching for veggies instead of your favorite bag of chips, but you should!  Cucumbers, cauliflower and other raw veggies offer the satisfying crunch you need, without adding starches that can stick to your teeth. And, they deliver tooth-strengthening vitamins and fiber too! Wash and chop veggies as soon as you buy them so they'll be ready for your next crunch attack.

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