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DegreeWorks Help & FAQ

Contact David DeVolve by email, or click here for DegreeWorks information. 

FAQ's for DegreeWorks

What is it?
DegreeWorks is a web-based academic advising and degree planning tool used by students and advisors to evaluate, track, and project curriculum requirements. The program is fully integrated with the Banner information system to provide the most accurate information possible. While DegreeWorks does not replace face-to-face advising, it can provide valuable information during advising sessions.  

Special note: DegreeWorks is an informational tool only. It does not replace face-to-face advising, nor does it replace an official academic transcript. DegreeWorks is not an official notification of degree completion and should not be used as such. Official transcripts are only available from the Office of the Registrar.  

Do I still have to meet with my advisor if I use DegreeWorks?
Yes. DegreeWorks is for informational purposes only. It does not replace advising sessions but it can help students and advisors have more productive conversations.  

Who should use it?
Students and advisors.   

Why does Pacific need it?
The University strives to provide students as many resources as possible to navigate their path to graduation.    

Is a DegreeWorks report the same as an official transcript?
No. Only the Office of the Registrar can provide an official transcript. DegreeWorks is for informational purposes only and does not replace an official transcript.  

What do I do if DegreeWorks doesn't match with my classes taken?
Any discrepancies in DegreeWorks should be addressed with your faculty advisor and the Office of the Registrar immediately.  

How often should I check DegreeWorks?
Office of the Registrar recommends that students do a DegreeWorks audit at least twice per semester. Students should check with their advisor as they may recommend something different based on individual circumstances.