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Benefits news: January is Fitness Month

Jan 14, 2016

You are built to move!

Being active helps you be healthier, stronger and feel your best at any age. Getting 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least five days a week helps lower your risk for serious illness and improve your mood. But whether you are a couch potato imagining a more active life, a senior with a few aches, a busy parent or weekend warrior, it can be tough to start and keep moving. 

At Kaiser Permanente, they have created some tips and inspiration to help. The important thing is to do things you love to do, and you will not feel like you are working out. Go for a hike, a bike ride, play golf, take a yoga or Pilates class, go ice skating or horseback riding. All of these are forms of exercise. Whether it is aerobic, flexibility or strength training, it will do your body and mind good!

Find more ideas and information on the Kaiser Permanente website   

Your Employee Assistance Plan's Guidance Resources Online also has provided a great article on "8 Low-impact Exercises." 

1.    Walking - Walking is the one of the most popular low-impact exercises out there and can be done outside or inside.
2.    Water-based exercises - Swimming or water aerobics, are great for those who are in physical therapy or dealing with arthritis because of the low-impact to the joints, spine and back.
3.    Cycling - Cycling is a great way to get exercise, especially for those who are more comfortable sitting rather than standing.
4.    Elliptical trainers - Because feet do not strike a surface, the elliptical trainer is less jarring than walking or running. 
5.    Step Aerobics - Step aerobics is a great way to raise your heart rate without jumping.
6.    Yoga - Yoga is a great way to improve strength, flexibility and balance.
7.    Nordic Walking - Walking with poles as little as 30 minutes a day, three times a week can help lower blood pressure; reduce cholesterol levels; and help to relieve back, shoulder and neck pain.
8 .   Bowling - Bowling is actually good exercise and helps posture, flexibility, balance and hand-eye coordination.

Not only does exercise help you feel good now, but it can also keep you healthier down the road. A regular workout boosts your energy, helps you to manage stress and can assist you in maintaining a healthy weight. According to the National Institutes of Health, studies have shown that regular exercise can also improve how you feel about yourself and is likely to reduce depression and anxiety. Research indicates that physical activity done consistently can also reduce your risk for several types of disease and help protect you from certain health problems.

Read more on this and other fitness topics at  (First time users must enter EAPBusiness as your company Web ID and enter UNIVE as your employer name). Search the Fitness and Nutrition section under the Wellness tab.

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