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The Spanish-Speaking World through Film

MusicAs teachers of Spanish, one of our major goals is to foster an appreciation of the highly diverse society in which we live. By exposing students to the target language through film we help them learn about challenging issues while developing their linguistic proficiency. This course will address six thought-provoking topics: war, the right to die, immigration, gender roles, identity (nations, nationalities, boundaries), and US foreign policy in the Spanish-speaking world. Background information will be gradually introduced and together we will decode many thematic symbols, cultural, social and political references. Conducted in Spanish by Dr. Lynn McGovern.
Format: Online
Prerequisite: None
Course Cost: Two options: Professional Development Credits ($500) or 3 Non-degree Graduate Credit/Units ($825)
Course Date:/Time: Spring Session 1: February 8 to March 25 (Including Spring break)

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