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Benefits news: Happy holiday eating from Delta Health Systems

Dec 4, 2015

The holidays are officially here! With that, come potlucks, social gatherings and seemingly endless options for deliciously tempting meals and treats. 

While it's important to enjoy the holidays with friends and loved ones, it is also necessary to stay focused on your health goals. Many people take a break from their health routine during the holiday season, but it doesn't have to undo all of your hard work throughout the year. 

Instead, take advantage of this time to make smart healthy choices and take a positive step towards continuing your commitment to health.  With a little planning, you can stay on track and avoid post-holiday guilt by using these tips:

1.     Before you fill your plate, take a walk around the buffet to observe your options.
2.     Identify what will be the most tempting foods
3.     Have only a few bites of the tempting foods
4.     Wait 10-15 minutes before going back for seconds
5.     If eating out, share a meal with a friend
6.     Eat slowly and once you feel full remove your plate
7.     Fill up on salad before the main course is served.
8.     Use small plates
9.     Hydrate yourself with plenty of water. Eat healthy small meals before heading out to social parties.   

Each day is a new opportunity to make healthy choices.  Delta Health Systems wellness newsletter offers recipes with a healthy twist on holiday classics. And while you are planning your seasonal meals, be sure to include time for physical activity. Staying active throughout the holidays will keep you on course!  In the long run, your mind and body will thank you!  Click here for the full newsletter from Delta Health Systems.  

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