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This portal is designed to be a resource to assist Pacific employees initiate and process contracts under the new Contracts Policy and Contracts Signature Authority Policy both effective Jan. 31, 2019. Learn More >>

Why contracts management?

Contracts Management extends beyond just understanding the policies and necessary review or approval of any agreement whether financial or non-financial.

Purpose of CLM

Contract Defined

A contract is any binding agreement made between two or more parties on behalf of Pacific. Contracts come in many different forms, such as a memorandum of understanding, affiliate agreement, letter of intent, lease, license, purchase agreement, waiver, release, engagement agreement, terms and conditions, privacy policy, non-disclosure agreement, etc. Contracts can be of financial or non-financial value.

Explore Contracts Lifecycle

Click on of the following buttons to understand suggested prerequisites before entering a contract, critical path for review & approval, and explore resources available.

Service Requests

Click one of the following buttons to initiate a new request, track progress, or access original contracts from the repository.


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