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Welcoming This Year's New Faculty - College of the Pacific

Pacific continues to build on the initiatives in the 2020 Academic Plan, including health, water and environmental stewardship and the liberal arts through its new faculty hires. The College of the Pacific welcomed four new faculty members this fall, whose fields of teaching and scholarship range from environmental sciences, to health, exercise, and sport sciences, economics and biology. 

Dr. Karrigan Börk, Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences and Visiting Assistant Professor of Law (joint appointment) 
Dr. Börk's research concerns environmental law, natural resources law and administrative law, focusing on the interplay of science and law, with the goal of producing scholarship that will be useful to practicing lawyers, judges, and policy makers in the environmental field.





Dr. Melissa Davies, Assistant Professor of Health, Exercise, and Sport Science
Dr. Davies' research is focused on participant and consumer motivation within sport. She encourages her students to engage with sport from a business perspective, and uses current events to apply theory to practice within the sport industry.





Dr. Manizha Sharifova, Assistant Professor of Economics
Dr. Sharifova's research interests are in macroeconomics, international finance and financial econometrics with a focus on measuring systemic risk and quantifying global linkages across the financial networks. You can hear Dr. Sharifova present "A Survey of Contemporary Tajikistan" at the Tuesday World Forum on Tuesday, November 10.





Dr. Zachary Stahlschmidt, Assistant Professor of Biology
Dr. Zachary Stahlschmidt, Assistant Professor of Biology. Dr. Stahlschmidt's research concerns the factors underlying differences in traits related to life history, behavior, and physiology. He integrates these with ecology to provide new insight into the dynamics by which two factors - tradeoffs and the environment - influence important aspects of the animal phenotype. Dr. Stahlschmidt brings to Pacific a $400,000 National Science Foundation grant





Learn more about these faculty members here.