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Humanities Scholars Abroad

After their second year at Pacific, Humanities Scholars have the opportunity to enrich their learning experiences by taking their studies abroad for the summer, a semester, or even a full academic year. We encourage our scholars to participate in the study abroad program as a means of exploring culture as it exists around the world. The humanities connect us as human beings, and the knowledge we have to learn and share about the humanities can help our scholars always feel at home, even when they're across the globe.

Here is a closer look at the experiences some of our scholars have had while studying abroad.


Humanities Scholar Emily OlsonAssisi, Italy: Emily Olson

Emily Olson, one of our alumni scholars, had the chance to spend a month in Italy during the summer of 2014 as part of the Italian immersion program. It was the first time Emily had ever gone abroad, and when she returned home, she said that she had developed "a new sense of confidence, cultural awareness, and determination." Spending time in another country gave her the chance to expand her perspectives on the world and see where her education at Pacific fits in a global setting. To learn more about Emily's experiences in Italy and see some samples of her writing, check out her blog, Adventures In Assisi.



3rd year scholar Sarah Young at her fashion internship in China

Beijing, China: Sarah Yung

In the summer of 2015, Sarah Yung coauthored a grant with our Program Director, Dr. Lehmann, which gave her the opportunity to spend a month in Beijing, China. While abroad, Sarah conducted a photojournalism project that chronicled China's evolving street fashion trends and industry. Her work was accepted for Pacific's Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference during the fall of 2015. Reflecting on her experiences in Beijing, Sarah said, "I will miss the life that runs through Beijing's veins... There is something amazing about knowing you exist in a place that resists and embraces change at the same time." To learn more about Sarah's summer and see her amazing photos, check out her blog, Sleepless in Beijing.



Antigua, Guatemala: Kathryn Harlan-Gran

Humanities Scholar Kathryn Harlan-GranKathryn Harlan-Gran had the opportunity to study abroad in Antigua, Guatemala during the summer of 2016. Pacific’s language immersion program partners with a local Spanish language school to provide one-on-one instruction with a native speaker. Over the course of one month, students obtain a full semester of Spanish, gaining proficiency at a greatly accelerated rate thanks to the nature of immersion. In addition to classroom learning, Kathryn had the opportunity to explore Antigua, an UNESCO heritage site renowned for its colonial history and architecture. Pacific students also went on a number of weekend excursions, including hiking a volcano, visiting indigenous Mayan villages on the banks of Lake Atitlán, and traveling to the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal. “My time in Guatemala changed my perspective on the world,” Kathryn said. “Antigua felt like a home to me, and I learned so much in such a short period of time. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.”