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Powell Scholars Program
Callison Hall
Courtney Lehmann, Ph.D.
Program Director
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211


Dinelle Davis
Program Assistant
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95211

First Dimension

Initiate a group, movement, or organization on campus or beyond to improve conditions in some way

Pacific's League of Legends Club Logo (created by Powell Scholar Emilie Jenkins)

Aaron LeDawson (center) with the League of Legends Club and Vietnamese Student Association

Scholar Aaron LeDawson (Computer Engineering) founded Pacific's League of Legends club and is in the process of starting a cyber security club.

I founded the eSports club at his high school and pulled in over 50 club members. After coming to Pacific, I founded the League of Legends club, and currently have over 90 members, with over 50 actively involved in the club. Through the club, the collegiate team has made massive waves nationally, coming 1 game within playoffs in the founding year. I also am heavily involved in the Vietnamese Student Association, where I am the technical lead for the annual culture show. I also am in the process of founding a cyber security club, where students can learn the basics of cyber security and apply them to international competitions. The biggest thing that the Powell scholarship has helped me with is refining my leadership skills so that these clubs can be as successful as they can be.
~ Aaron LeDawson

Aimee Mahoney on a Horse

Aimee Mahoney Playing Polo

Scholar Aimee Mahoney (Civil Engineering) was the first new addition to the Polo team, which was established in 2013. She quickly took on the role of Vice President, becoming in charge of the US Polo Association administrative tasks for the team, which included planning games with other teams and going to the Polo 101 Event in South Carolina. When she returned, she taught the rest of the team nuances of the many rules and drills for improvement.

Blues Dance Club Poster
Scholars Celja Uebel (Biological Sciences) and Selena Kaffer (Mechanical Engineering) created a Blues Dance club on campus.

Scholars Jimmy Kraft (Jazz Studies, Music Composition) and Shelly Zeiser (Music Therapy) created an A Capella group on campus named the “Stocktones”. Recordings of some of their performances can be seen on their YouTube channel.

CeCe Salinas (Music Management) followed in the footsteps of Jimmy and Shelly and took the Stocktones to a new level with their EP, Pacific Stocktones - EP.

Alumni and Scholars with Language Learners

Over its three year span, multiple Powell Scholars have participated in the project to teach English as a second language in Dimen, China. The purpose of the project was to teach children in the village to communicate orally with foreign tourists who come to visit their village.

Laura Stewart

Scholar Laura Stewart, a graduate of the Dugoni School of Dentistry, created a fraternity for Pre-Dental students at Pacific.

Our fraternity is a completely original professional fraternity, Delta Nu Tau, founded on the common interests of Pre-Dental students at Pacific. It is similar to the other professional fraternities on campus (i.e. Pre-Pharmacy fraternities), but to my knowledge, it is the only one that is for Pre-Dental students. In forming the organization, we focused on supporting younger/fellow students with aspirations in the dental field. The other Powell Scholars who were also founders were Tarun Padmani, Ben Larson, and Dhir Patel.
~ Powell Alumna Laura Stewart

Audrey Puah

Scholar Audrey Puan (Civil Engineering) lead Pacific's 1000 Wells campaign. The 1000 Wells Project exists to provide clean, safe, accessible, and sustainable water sources for those in sub-Saharan African communities through raising funds and awareness. The goal of the 1000 Wells Project is to build 1000 wells in 1000 African communities. The specific goal of the 1000 Wells Campaign at Pacific was to raise enough money – about $6000 – to build one such well.

Muir Woods by Stephen Joseph

The Powell Scholars Program, in cooperation with the Department of Visual Arts, were chosen to host an inaugural event in honor of President Pamela Eibeck.

John Muir hoped for everyone to take time out of their busy schedules to spend time alongside Nature and learn to appreciate all that it has given us so that we can take better care of her. I guess if you broaden this notion to connect this to what Pacific represents, it is that an education at Pacific offers us more than just reading pages from textbooks. We learn that there is more to an education than just learning skills to have a career that pays well. It is about learning how to broaden our perspectives of the world around us and be good citizens of our community and the world at large.
~ Powell Alumna Farah Shaheen