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Academic Assessment Workshop Wrap-Up and Resources

As part of its commitment to provide ongoing support for Pacific faculty and staff, the University Assessment Committee held an academic assessment workshop on October 9, which was attended by more than two dozen Pacific faculty and staff members. Facilitated by Laura Martin of UC Merced and Dave Chase of the American Film Institute (formerly of Pacific's Conservatory of Music), the workshop was a customized version of the Assessment 101 workshop they regularly facilitate for WSCUC (formerly WASC).

The workshop's morning sessions addressed fundamental topics such as program learning outcomes, rubrics and curriculum maps. In the afternoon, participants attended one of two workshops: one for humanities and arts disciplines and one for natural and social sciences disciplines, and discussed multi-year assessment planning and implementation.   The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) has posted the three workshop PowerPoint presentations (one from the morning general session and one each from the two afternoon workshops) in an Assessment Resources folder here. For more information, you may contact Eileen McFall, Director of Learning and Assessment, at