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NCAA-Pacific investigation updates

Sep 20, 2017

Posted Sept. 20, 2017

This morning, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division I Committee on Infractions released its decision following a rigorous joint investigation of the men's basketball and baseball programs by the NCAA and University of the Pacific.

Statement by President Pamela A. Eibeck:
"University of the Pacific has an unwavering commitment to student success, ethical conduct and academic integrity. Our student-athletes, coaches and athletics staff strive to meet the highest levels of academic excellence, sportsmanship and teamwork. The collaborative investigation with the NCAA revealed that we had some gaps and we accept responsibility for them. We went through a comprehensive, transparent process of reviewing our policies, imposing sanctions on ourselves, then creating and implementing a new set of guidelines to strengthen what we do to assure academic integrity. We are proud that the NCAA found these corrective actions to be a meaningful and adequate means to address the violations, and that it cited the university's 'exemplary cooperation' in describing our collaboration, which was our goal from the outset. We fully support this decision and have no intention of appealing. We were treated fairly during the process and we look forward to moving on. We remain focused on providing our students with a superior learning experience that prepares them to be successful in their lives and careers."
- Pamela A. Eibeck, President

University statement:
We are thankful that this important step has been completed. These findings follow a rigorous joint investigation by the NCAA and University of the Pacific, and are in line with Pacific's values on fair play and competition.

We take all potential NCAA rules violations seriously. We promptly reported to the NCAA the anonymous reports we received and, working with the NCAA, began an investigation to find out what had happened. Throughout the process, we worked within the NCAA's cooperative principles and guidelines to ensure we maintained the highest ethical standards for the university and for our students, faculty and staff. We are very proud of the university's response to these allegations.

We thank the NCAA for its hard work in completing this collaborative investigation as the university worked to further enhance its positive athletic environment. We look forward to focusing on competing in the West Coast Conference and the other athletic conferences in which our teams compete.

NCAA Decision (Sept. 20, 2017)

Posted Dec. 22, 2016

University of the Pacific on Dec. 16, 2016, received a notice of allegations from the NCAA enforcement staff stemming from an investigation of academic misconduct and the provision of inducements/extra benefits to student-athletes within the men's basketball and baseball programs. In order to be as transparent as possible, we have posted the notice on our website.

"We first reported these concerns to the NCAA on Oct. 8, 2015, and have been cooperating fully to investigate them," said Ted Leland, director of athletics. "Academic integrity is a fundamental value at Pacific, and we are committed to doing whatever is needed to ensure that our student-athletes receive an excellent education."

In recent months, Pacific has taken the following steps:

  • We self-reported the initial information to the NCAA as soon as it was received, and cooperated fully with the NCAA to investigate all allegations. As soon as the investigation revealed academic misconduct and other concerns, we self-imposed sanctions on our basketball and baseball teams, from discontinuing the employment of some coaches to banning post-season play and reducing scholarships.
  • In January 2016, Pacific formed an NCAA Academic Misconduct Policy Review Task Force of faculty and staff to thoroughly review proposed new NCAA legislation regarding academic misconduct. The task force compared Pacific's policies against these new standards, and looked at policies in place at peer institutions. While the task force found that Pacific's policies and procedures are consistent with the expectations of the NCAA's proposed legislation, it recommended additional new policies and practices, which have been or are being implemented.
  • In May, Pacific convened a second committee, the Athletics Academic Integrity Group, to develop recommendations for further protecting academic integrity within Athletics. This fall, we also invited the National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics to evaluate our alignment with best practices for promoting and protecting the highest standards of academic integrity in Athletics and we are awaiting their report. When we receive this report, we will be requesting that Pacific's Athletics Advisory Board review all findings.
  • In addition, this spring, we underwent a regular quadrennial review of NCAA compliance as required by the West Coast Conference and are implementing those results.

Additional specific policies and practices changes:

  • Implemented a transfer policy to improve monitoring efforts for student-athletes taking courses at other institutions
  • Increased communication with incoming transfer student-athletes regarding rules education
  • Instituted improved methods for rules education, emphasizing shared responsibility throughout the Athletics department
  • Head coaches and assistant coaches must sign agreements stating they will not be involved with any aspects of summer courses or academic progress for transfer student-athletes

Per NCAA procedure, the university will respond to the allegations contained in the notice within the NCAA's 90-day deadline. The final report of the NCAA Committee on Infractions will detail any determinations of violations, as well as any sanctions imposed on the institution or individuals.

Posted Jan. 14, 2016

The NCAA has reinstated the eligibility of the three men's basketball players who had been withheld from competition, as the university continues its cooperative investigation with the NCAA stemming from allegations of past academic misconduct.

In keeping with NCAA rules, we cannot comment further on the investigation at this time.

Posted Dec. 11, 2015

University of the Pacific announced today that it has placed men's basketball Head Coach Ron Verlin and Assistant Coach Dwight Young on suspension as it continues its cooperative investigation with the NCAA stemming from allegations of academic misconduct involving online coursework offered by other institutions.

Posted Nov. 5, 2015

University of the Pacific on Thursday, Nov. 5, made the decision to withhold three men's basketball student-athletes from competition as it continues to review information related to alleged academic misconduct within Athletics. Pacific reported these allegations to the NCAA on Oct. 8, and is working with the NCAA to investigate their veracity.

University of the Pacific is committed to taking whatever steps we may find necessary to ensure the highest standards of academic integrity at our institution. In keeping with NCAA rules, we cannot comment further on the investigation at this time.

Posted Oct. 27, 2015

On Wednesday, Oct. 7, University of the Pacific initiated an investigation into alleged academic misconduct in Athletics. Academic integrity is a fundamental value at Pacific, and we take such allegations with utmost seriousness.

On Thursday, Oct. 8, the university informed the WCC and NCAA of the allegations. The university's faculty athletics representative and the faculty chair of the Athletics Advisory Board also were notified.

Under NCAA rules, the institution is obligated to protect the integrity of any NCAA inquiry. We are cooperating fully with the NCAA to review this matter and will not make any further comment at this time.

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