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Staff Campus Climate Survey results

President Eibeck thanks the Staff Survey Action Task Force for their spring 2016 Report and Recommendations designed to enhance staff development and engagement at University of the Pacific. (You may be prompted to log in with your Pacific username and password. You must be logged in to view the Staff Survey Action Task Force Report.)

The report is based on the results of the three-city Campus Climate Survey staff took in spring 2015, in addition to a series of three-city staff listening sessions, unit conversations, presentations to constituent groups, and anonymous feedback gathering that took place beginning in January 2016.

The Task Force has five major recommendations to enhance the Pacific experience for staff (in no particular order):

  1. Build and foster an inclusive and transparent decision-making process;
  2. Strengthen internal communication within each campus, and across the university;
  3. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, forms, tools and resources;
  4. Create a staff recognition and rewards program; and
  5. Enhance programs, services, and policies to support staff’s success.

President Eibeck is committed to improving the Pacific experience for staff. Each year, initiatives supporting the Staff Survey Action Task Force recommendations will be integrated into the university’s Institutional Priorities. They are also being integrated into the Pacific 2020 Strategic Plan refresh. In 2016-17, we will:

  • Initiate a business transformation process beginning with a restructured payroll administration system;
  • Create a staff recognition and rewards program;
  • Deliver a professional development session for all managers on the performance management framework to support employee success and accountability;
  • Complete faculty and staff compensation plan and identify next steps; and
  • Improve internal communications with a refreshed plan to deliver timely information through a variety of channels and improve the user experience of Inside Pacific.

Several staff climate efforts overlap with efforts to enhance diversity and inclusivity at Pacific:

  • Updating hiring processes for faculty and staff to support recruitment of diverse employees (see the new updated Staff Hiring Guide);
  • Delivering recruiting, selection and hiring systems to support all search committees and hiring managers in their efforts to increase employee diversity; and
  • Delivering anti-bias and intercultural awareness training to faculty and staff across the University.

University leaders will be held accountable for ensuring the success of these initiatives.

Achieving Pacific’s mission and vision would be impossible without the university’s staff. The President and Cabinet look forward to working with staff to ensure that Pacific is a wonderful place to work, in addition to a wonderful place to learn.