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University Awards Committee Seeking Nominations

In order to recognize and honor individuals who have contributed to the success of Pacific and the community, the University Awards Committee is seeking nominations for three University Academic Awards: the Order of Pacific, Honorary Degree and University Distinguished Faculty Award. All nomination packets are due to the Office of the Provost no later than Friday, Dec. 13, 2019.

Each nomination packet should include a letter of nomination ideally endorsed by the department chair and dean, a recent curriculum vita and supporting letters from students, colleagues and relevant commentators outside the university. The letter should indicate precisely how the nominee meets the award criteria. The entire packet should be limited to 15 pages. Please submit electronically at

The Order of Pacific is the highest award the university can give. It is intended to honor members of the university regents, faculty, administration and staff who have given distinguished service and made outstanding contributions to Pacific over a significant number of years. The award recognizes an individual's career of achievements and is awarded at the termination of a person's direct connection to the university. To be considered for this award nominees normally have a minimum of 15 years of service to Pacific. Awards may be given posthumously. Click here to view a list of past recipients.  

The award is not made automatically to all retirees, and official nominations as well as supporting documents are required to be considered for this award. Nominees are reviewed by the University Awards Committee, the president and the Board of Regents. Nominations should include a letter summarizing the candidate’s qualifications and service to Pacific, one or more letters of support from colleagues, students, and/or alumni, and, as appropriate, representative samples or abstracts of the nominee’s portfolio and a current curriculum vita.

Honorary Degrees recognize persons who have made outstanding contributions to the university or society at large. Nominees may not be current employees of the university; nominees must not be informed of their nomination. Click here to view a list of past recipients.  

Detailed criteria used by the Awards Committee in selecting candidates is available in the Provost’s Office. Nominations may be made by the president, deans or any member of the university community. Awards must be approved by the Awards Committee, the Academic Council, the president of the university and the Board of Regents.

University Distinguished Faculty Award is given each year to a tenured faculty member for outstanding accomplishments in any or all of the following areas: teaching, research and creative endeavors, and service to the university.

When the award is based entirely or in part on teaching, the committee will consider the quality of classroom performances as evaluated by students and peers, successful innovation in curriculum, teaching methods, modes of delivery and interaction with students, and the candidate’s overall teaching load and responsibilities. Those nominees for whom the award is based entirely or in part on scholarship will be evaluated on the basis of the scholarly significance of their work, its social or human significance, contributions which the research made to the investigator’s role as teacher or the educational functions of the university, and the benefit accrued to the university directly or indirectly from this scholarly and/or creative endeavor. Awards may also be based entirely or in part on evidence of outstanding leadership in department, college, division or university governance, as well as participation in innovative programs and committees.