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Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes
1. Students will demonstrate an increased ability to describe the practices of their chosen discipline.  
2. Students will exhibit a greater breadth and depth of technical knowledge within their chosen field.
3. Students will strengthen their job search techniques including their ability to interview, network and compose a work-ready resume.
4. Students will improve their ability to think critically and perform continual self-assessment on their work performances.
5. Students will develop team-building skills and an appreciation for collegiality.
6. Students will strengthen their oral and written communication skills.
7. Students will demonstrate improved professional behaviors such as: time management, ethical decision-making and sensitivity towards gender and cultural issues at the work site.

To ensure the learning outcomes are completed, preparation is key. Best Practices, include:
• Résumé: writing a clear and concise resume using action verbs to highlight the tasks you've completed in a position or project. Click here for resource to Résumé Writing
• Porfolio: save all projects, such as lab work, for examples of tasks completed
• LinkedIn: ensure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date. Click here for resource to LinkedIN