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Engineering Industry Fellowships (EIF)

Industry partners interested in a much closer relationship with the University may participate in the Engineering Industry Fellowship Program.  With EIF, the University secures talented students to work for the hosting company throughout their entire college career.  The company enjoys lower recruitment and training costs as they retain top-tier talent who continue to gain knowledge and increase performance each year.  These students are often invited to join the company on a full-time basis upon graduation.

EIF students are accepted into the program based on academic performance, persistent skills and talents, community involvement and overall leadership abilities.  Each student receives an annual scholarship.  The school assists the student in developing a personal curriculum plan that incorporates working with the EIF sponsor during all available periods:  summers, the 7 1/2-month co-op and during academic terms whenever possible.  EIF industry partners pay the University an annual registration fee.

Engineering Industry Fellowship vs Cooperative Education - Is there a difference between EIF and Co-op?

Yes, there are various differences:

  • EIF is a Fellowship offered to strong students based on specific qualifications and interviews.  Whereas Co-op is integrated with Pacific's engineering/computer science curriculum and is a requirement for all engineering students.
  • Students are eligible to apply for EIF as early as their senior year in high school.
  • If selected as an EIF Fellow, you are committed to working for your company sponsor from the time you begin the program until you graduate.  Therefore, there is more of a long-term commitment expected.

Student Eligibility

  • Full-time student majoring in engineering or computer science 
  • Open to all academic levels including incoming freshmen
  • Able to work full-time during summers and Co-op terms

Student Benefits

  • Salary and a Scholarship - Most students earn $13-$15/hour with most companies providing a pay increase each subsequent year. A $2000 annual scholarship that can help with tuition and other college expenses. 
  • Work Experience - Four plus years of invaluable paid work experience within your field of study. 
  • It's all about who you know, not always what you know - Networking opportunities will be endless. You will be working with professionals in the field as well as meeting with industry leaders throughout the year. 
  • Step into the shoes, of an engineer or computer scientist - If you begin the program as a freshman, most students will be given the opportunity to oversee major technical projects. Imagine the advantage of having your engineering or computer science degree as well as years of experience on your resume. 
  • Pave your way to a full-time position by graduation. 

To Apply

Complete and submit an EIF application and a professional resume to the Program Director, Calvin Chen at

EIF Sample Curriculum

As an EIF Fellow, you will see your sponsor company at least once a year throughout college.  You and your industry mentor will be in touch via email or meetings so your can keep up with what's happening in industry and so your mentor can be up-to-date with your studies, etc.

Here's what a sample curriculum might look like as an EIF:

EIF Classes Classes
EIF Classes Classes
Junior Year Classes EIF (co-op) Classes
Senior Year EIF Classes Classes