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Career Paths

Why study physics? Basically, to better understand the universe.

That's pretty broad—but so is a physics degree. Physics majors of course most often go into scientific or technical fields (like optics, superconductivity, nanotechnology, new energy methods, etc.), but it is a very flexible degree. Physics majors go on to careers in biology, law, financial firms, teaching, and other areas—basically anywhere there are difficult problems to solve.

Career Resources

For specific ideas about science jobs for those with physics degrees, visit the Physics Today Jobs website. You will find descriptions and even current job openings for numerous scientific career fields, including:

  • Aerospace, aviation and defense
  • Astronomy and astrophysics
  • Atomic and molecular physics
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Cosmology
  • Geophysics
  • Ocean science
  • Robotics

The Society of Physics Students also has valuable career information on its website.

Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Brian Thomas featured on History Channel's "Mega Disasters"

Dr. Brian ThomasAn alumnus of Pacific's Physics Department, Dr. Brian Thomas is now an Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. He has been featured in documentaries because of his research on gamma ray bursts. Dr. Thomas appeared on the History Channel's Mega Disasters series in 2005, and he was recently interviewed for an upcoming documentary to be aired in France.

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