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Kieran Holland
Department Chair
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211


We always have a variety of research projects and activities underway in the Physics department that students can get involved in. You may find yourself upgrading our radio telescope antenna or helping to map the hydrogen density in the galaxy. Or perhaps building a cosmic ray telescope sounds more to your liking.

Whatever your interests are, signing up to work on a project is a great way to experience the science of physics outside of the classroom. Plus, you can earn units of credit for participating.

Talk to the Department Chair, Dr. James Hetrick, to learn about current projects and activities, or click here to consult the projects webpage!

Professor with students looking at telescope on roof
Students are helping Physics Chair Dr. James Hetrick adjust the radio telescope located on the roof of Olson Hall. Students can use the telescope to map the density and velocity of hydrogen gas in the arms of the Milky Way galaxy and to study other aspects of radio astronomy.