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Tuesday World Forum-Buddhist Inspired Organic Farming, Wildlife Conservation and Entrepreneurship in Taiwan

12:00 - 12:50 pm - George Wilson Hall
Dr. Richard Tenaza, Pacific Professor EmeritusOct 6, 2015

Dr. Tenaza's 40-minute photographic presentation will introduce a Buddhist-inspired organic farming program in Taiwan.  For nearly 20 years the Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation has been assisting farmers to switch from conventional to organic agriculture.  Besides protecting environments and human health from harmful effects of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, their contracts with Tse-Xin also require growers to actively restore and conserve native habitat and wildlife on and around their farms.  Monetary incentives for farmers to go organic include (a) eliminating agricultural chemical costs, (b) higher prices paid for organic produce, and (c) Tse-Xin's agreement to purchase all of a farmer's produce during the first few years she or he participates, regardless of insect damage or other defects.  Tse-Xin also has encouraged establishment of businesses to develop and market organic commodities such as clothing and cosmetics, as well as to collect, transport, and market organic produce. 

Pacific Professor Emeritus Dr. Richard Tenaza is on the boards of directors of the South East Asia Zoos Association, Micke Grove Zoological Society, the Biological Field Studies Association, and the National Museum of Filipino American History. Dr. Tenaza earned his PhD in Zoology & Environmental Studies at UC Davis, and he is a Fellow of the California Academy of Sciences and The Explorers Club of New York.  He has worked as a consultant on wildlife biology and conservation for Fort Wayne and San Diego Zoos, the governments of Malaysia and Indonesia, and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  While most of his research and conservation efforts have focused on SE Asian primates, Dr. Tenaza has also worked in East Africa, China, the Arctic, Antarctica, and elsewhere. To honor Dr. Tenaza's research on Adelie penguins the US Geological Survey named Tenaza Peak in Antarctica after him.  So what's all that got to do with Buddhist organic farming in Taiwan?  Come and find out!

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