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Sport Clubs Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join a sport club?
All current University of the Pacific undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to participate in sport clubs.  To join a sport club, contact the president or treasurer of the sport club and they will provide you with further information.

What is the difference between sport clubs and Intramural Sports?
Intramural Sports are competitive and non-competitive events, games, leagues and tournaments.  Events are designed to accommodate individual skills ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Sport clubs are student organizations designed to promote interest, participation and competition in a specific athletic or recreation activity.  Most clubs practice 2-3 times per week and compete on weekends.

What is the difference between sport clubs and varsity sports?
Varsity sports are the responsibility of Intercollegiate Athletics and are funded through the Athletic department's budget. Sport clubs are under the direct supervision of Pacific Recreation and funded through ASUOP, membership dues, and fundraising.  While sport clubs aren't considered intercollegiate teams, our sport clubs compete in tournaments and their sports governing bodies.

What are the benefits of joining a sport club?
There are many benefits to joining a sport club such as improved fitness, meeting new people, getting involved, and traveling to new places!  Even if you are learning a new sport or continuing a familiar one, UOP Sport Clubs provide students an opportunity to participate in leadership roles and learn transferable skills for the future.

Are all sport clubs competitive?
Not all sport clubs at the University are competitive.  Contact the president of the clubs to find out more information.

For questions, please contact our Competitive Sports Administration

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