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Learning + Development
Human Resources Building

3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Staff Development Program | Finding the ME in TEAM...

The Staff Development Program is designed for individuals who want to improve their individual performance and contribution with the understanding that self-development will position them to make a greater contribution to their department and/or interdepartmental teams.

Interested in the program?  Here are some SDP details and resources:

Applications Closed at This Time - Program in Concluded

SDP FAQ's  |  SDP Schedule  | Course Descriptions | Info Flyer 

Team Collaborating
  • Who Should Attend 

    Staff who:

    • Support multiple leaders
    • Serve at multiple campuses
    • Support or manage projects
    • Want to develop in the areas of individual and team performance
  • Learning Objectives 

    Staff Development Program participants will acquire these benefits:

    • Explore and practice self-awareness behaviors critical to personal development and team performance
    • Learn the fundamentals of change and how to leverage positive change within your spheres of influence
    • Develop skills and practice techniques necessary for effective team building, team management, communication and problem solving and identify practical applications within a team structure
    • Understand the foundational knowledge of leadership, leadership styles and the reciprocal impact of personal mission and vision alignment to the mission and vision of the department and organization.
  • Topics 

     Staff Development Program will cover these topics:

    • Self-Awareness
    • Communication
    • Change Management
    • Leadership
    • Team Building
    • This program includes an activity that will require a manager's approval and participation